Chinese New Year (2014) ~Year of the Horse~

Chinese New Year Noms

Lotus seeds and Dates for “8 treasure Ba bao fun”


phone pics 748

Some delicious sparkling Sake’ called Hana Awaka.


phone pics 749

Some New Year’s snacks to share! >o<

phone pics 752

Table is set~ So many places!


phone pics 755 phone pics 756

Cooking and cooking!


phone pics 758

Soaking Lotus Root, looks interesting doesn’t it?

phone pics 761

This was the hardest part! The Peking Duck took three days of various prep! He had to hang for several hours so the skin would tighten for crisp! I didn’t have a hook so…I had to improvise. –_– Wouldn’t it be concerning to see this in someone’s house?

phone pics 762 phone pics 763 phone pics 764

More cooking! I had five different dishes going all at once!

phone pics 766

Yay! Everyone is here to enjoy!

phone pics 767

My first ever Peking Duck.

phone pics 768

Ba Bao Fun.

phone pics 769

This is called Nian Gao, its a sweet rice cake.

phone pics 770

You keep the fish whole on new year so your upcoming luck will be whole! This fish was so good! One of my friends ate the eye! >_< Bleck so gross~

I had a lot of fun cooking and serving everyone on Chinese New Year, most of my friends and family who were there never had these dishes so it was fun and educational for everyone. It was nice to share the story of Chinese New Year and the traditions that go with it. I can’t wait till this next year!

Have you ever celebrated Chinese New Year? What did you eat or do? Tell me  about in the comments!

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