Me and My Brothers

Story and art by: Hari Tokeino. The series consists of 11 volumes.

Sakura is 14 and after losing her parents when she was 3 she has now lost her grandmother, leaving her alone. One day she comes home to her 4 older brothers who she apparently lived with before her parents died though she doesn’t remember them at all. Each brother is unique but all dote on their little sister more than anything else.

There is the oldest Masashi who is a romance novelist and is very feminine in his mannerisms and choice of attire most of the time. The second oldest Takashi, a Japanese teacher and a calm gentleman. Tsuyoshi, a “full-time part-timer” who is a little rough talking and acting but is very sweet and bashful when it comes to his little sister. Lastly there is Takeshi the youngest of the four, he shadows his brothers in stature and looks older and intimidating but in reality he is very quite and soft spoken, he also loves gardening.

Sakura gets to know her brothers and has to get used to them being together again. It’s a fun comedy with a dollop of surprising romance and lots of interesting secondary characters. I thought this series was light and silly with its exciting serious moments. Those brothers will go all out for their beloved sister!

If you’ve read it let me know what you thought of it and who your favorite brother was in the comments! 🙂

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