~How I got into Asian Dramas~

I love Asian Dramas! There is not enough time in the day to watch them all! >_<

The first time I watched an Asian drama was when I was in 8th grade and obsessed with all sorts of anime and manga. One of the series I was really into was called “Hana Kimi” it’s a manga series and I was bummed that there wasn’t an anime. While looking for an anime for the series I came across the “Hana Kimi Taiwan drama” and thought it was cool that there was a live-action. From the first episode I dived in head first and never looked back. I would spend hours watching the series and would get in trouble on more than one occasion for taking so much bandwidth up from the internet :/ . I loved the actors who portrayed my favorite characters and began to want to know more about them and the other things they did.

From “Hana Kimi Taiwan” I found the Japanese version and slowly just started to watch all sorts of dramas that were usually based off of manga series. After awhile I backed off the dramas until I was in 10th grade. During this year I met some great friends from Korea while they were here with an exchange program. I quickly became fairly close with them and they would talk about a specific Korean drama sometimes called “Boys over Flowers”. After finding out I liked Dramas we all started watching the series when the episodes would air and then talk about them at school. We would usually chat about Lee Min Ho’s character Jun Pyo with his beautimus curls >_<, no matter what country you are from girls will be girls.

It was great that we could all share something like this drama and it was a great connection. I’m still friends with them and talk to them often over Kakao Talk, I ask them which Dramas they are into and they will suggest several which I will then go start watching right away so we can all talk about them ^_^.

I watch a lot more now being pulled into them again with much intensity because of the series “You’re Beautiful” and “Absolute Darling”, these are some of my favorite series I just watch over and over (mainly just my favorite parts. I find myself cracking up much of the time and have been caught by my husband bawling like a baby other times while watching Dramas. They are fun and light but also serious, I love the stories and like finding a few select actors I take a shine to.

Do you like Asian Dramas? What are some of your favorite series and actors? Let me know in the comments!

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