Otome Games

Literally meaning “Girl Games” this genre of gaming is directed at mainly girls, go figure. There are Otome games on pretty much every gaming platform but are mainly only released in Japan with a few exceptions that are released in English. The games usually revolve around a female character who you control by making various different choices that decide the outcome of the game.  You usually have a host of different male characters to pick from in the story who will be your love interest. The style for most are based very much on the Shojo style of manga and the plot lines can be about most anything. The genre is fairly new having the first Otome game released in 1994. Since then the genre has grown considerably and have not only girls but some guys as well play through them like an addiction.

The game is basically a virtual novel where you move the story along with dialog choices.  There are also pictures that provide setting and ambiance. I have played several games from the genre, the first being a DS game called “Princess Debut”. It was fun making various choices to play out your own little story. Since then I’ve played nearly every game and through nearly every character in the “Shall we date” series apps on my touch screen phone. There are also several notable anime series that were made from Otome games, I usually refer to those types of anime as “Harem” anime.

I’ll post reviews and short summaries soon covering various Otome games so stay tuned!

Do you like Otome games? What are your favorites?

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