~The Devil is a part-timer~

Directed by: Naoto Hosodo, the series ran 13 episodes in 2013,  there is also a manga and a series of light-novels.

The story revolves around Lord Satan mainly called Sadao Maou his human name. The setting starts in a land called “Ente Isla” where there is a war going on between Demons and the church who has a hero Emilia known as Emi Yusa in the human world. The hero defeats the demon king and he flees with his general Alciel through a portal. They find themselves in Japan and very out of place, not having enough magic to get back to their world they blend in and Maou gets a job and they set up their demon castle in a very small apartment. The hero follows them to the human world intent on killing Satan but has to bide her time to save enough power. She keeps a close eye on the demons and finds herself confused by the fact they are living as respectable humans just trying to make a living.

Maou takes pride in his job at McRonalds (subtle) he takes care of his underlings one of which includes the adorable Chiyo who is small and busty and who has a huge crush on the devil. There are a few more characters introduced that have followed the Demon king to the realm of humans and everyone is quirky and amusing.

I loved this series and found myself and my family cracking up at the great one-liners in the show. Its a ironic comedy that is about a mod podge of people on a serious mission that just melts into everyday struggles of being human. This series has the only time the phrase “Yolo” is acceptable. All the characters are great and its hard to pick a favorite but I think Lucifer is so funny! >_<

You can find this series on Netflix and Hulu.

What did you think of the series? Who was your favorite character? Tell me in the comments 😀





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