Chobits~ “The one for me”

Written by CLAMP and consisting of 8 volumes of manga, this series also became a 24 episode anime. Usually I like either the manga or anime a bit better but with this series I thoroughly enjoyed both versions. I liked the art work and cute story. It’s silly and filled with awkward moments but just as much so with serious and somewhat sad ones.

The story revolves around Hideki Motosuwa who goes to Tokyo to study at a prep school so he can eventually get into a university. He is young and enjoys many things that most young men do (you can guess). He lives in a society where many people have “Persocoms” human like computers who are capable of anything you program them to do. He wants one very badly but knows he is simply too poor to be able to ever afford one. One night as he is walking home he comes across what he thinks is a dead body wrapped up and laying in the trash…thankfully he realizes quickly its a persocom and takes her home to see if he can get her to work. Sure enough he is able to turn her on and we are introduced to Chi who at first can only say that word. He has to teach her how to speak and what things are which is frazzling sometimes especially when she finds his “magazines”.

The two grow and learn many things together, Chi is special and not like other persocoms but what is it that makes her different? You meet many other supporting chracters that all have their own story and problems and a few of them may know about why Chi is different.

I really love this series and find Chi so cute! I would love a persocom like her >_<. I definitely recommend watching this one, I’ve watched it several times and love it everytime. If you like the idea of persocoms there is a game called: “Moe Can Change! Myroid 4 life.” You raise your own android and can shape her personality along with dressing her and playing various events with her. Check it out and let me know what you think!

What do you think about the series Chobits? What’s your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!


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