~Strawberry Panic!~

Written by Sakurako Kimino is a series of short stories that has been turned into a manga and light novels along with an anime series in 2006. This series is under the Shojo Ai genre meaning it involves girl’s love themes. I find the art work for the series beautiful and elegant. The uniforms the girls wear a designed well compliment the surroundings.

The story follows several girls in an all girls school who have various relationships with one another. The main character you follow is Nagisa Aoi who has transferred to the school and right away catches the Etoile (the schools star basicly) Shizuma Hanazono. Nagisa is also the thing of her roomates affections as well though much of the time Nagisa seems fairly oblivious or her attention is else where. There are several love triangles throughout the series involving girls from the three schools on Astrea hill. There are sad pasts and struggles for love and confidence, it makes the series very interesting.

This is most likely my favorite Shojo Ai/Yuri series because of the art. What did you think of this series? Haven’t watched it? Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. I never read the manga. I think that “Strawberry Panic” is the only Yuri anime available from Netflix. I learned a lot about the use of Japanese honorifics — interestingly applied in a Lesbian social hierarchical context. Overall I rate it as “good”. I loved the theme song it had. It was part of am anime mix CD I made for a long commute.


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