You’re Beautiful

Oh man this series is great. I kinda dropped off the drama scene for awhile but this one got me back in the game. This series broadcasted in 2009 and gained a pretty big fan base and also made Jang Kuen-suk’s career take off. “You’re Beautiful” consists of 16 episodes and has several well known kpop singers as part of the cast.

Go Mi-Nyeo is a nun in training and an orphan. She has a twin brother who is trying to become a famous singer to find their mother. Something happens and her brother isn’t able to go to his big break so after much coercion Go Mi-Nyeo becomes Go Mi-Nam and takes his place in hopes of finding their mom. She clashes with the lead singer Tae-kyung of the band she has joined. Tae-kyung is more than a bit rough around the edges, he seems obsessive compulsive and selfish and just a big butt. He has it out for Go Mi-Nam from the very beginning and it doesn’t take long to find out “his” secret.

While Tae-Kyung bullies Go Mi-Nam another band member, Shin-woo is kind and watches out for her from the get go. The last member is Jeremy who is not the brightest and doesn’t find out till much later that Go Mi-Nam is not a boy. They all grow closer and Tae-Kyung finds himself watching over her against his best wishes. The two of them are quite the comedy duo and you find yourself routing for them to stop being stupid and get together.

I squeed and laughed and may have teared up a few times. I couldn’t stop watching once I started and consumed the entire series in a few short days, I find myself going back to watch my favorite scenes over and over. The music was catchy and the sound was pretty good throughout, I’ve been wanting to get the OST since watching it.

Did you like this series? Who was your favorite band member? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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