Shall we date? Destiny Ninja

This is the first Otome game I played from NTT Solmare’s “Shall We Date?” series on my phone. It was the first in every one of their games I’ve now played and are still playing with each one getting a better system going.

Destiny Ninja takes place in the Genpei era of Japan where the Taira and Minamoto clans were in conflict during the latter half of the Heian period. You are a young noble woman who finds herself in the middle of a battle field with no memory of how you got there or of who you are. Right when your about to get an arrow to the face or be attacked a ninja comes to your rescue. You choose which ninja out of 10 different characters:

Enya- The heir to the Fire Village and a well known womanizer. He of course has a soft and weak side.

Hyuga- Also from the Fire Village, he acts nice and polite in front of the groups leader but once away from the leader he shows a different side. He seems uncaring and harsh and seems like he is hiding something.

Kazemasa- From the Wind Village, Kazemasa is quite and distant and can be very harsh and threatening at times. He seems very serious with little emotion, he is very loyal to his leader.

Hyosuke- From the Water Village. The youngest looking member in the group who has a huge chip on his shoulder. He seems hyper and nice some of the time and at others you see his twisted killer personality take over when the enemies are mentioned or are present.

Sohma- This is the only character I have yet to play, will update when finished.

Mizuki- From the Water Village, he is very quite and doesn’t have a strong personality. Once you get past his wall he is a fine protector who is kind and loyal.

Benkei- He is from the Minamoto Clan and was once a monk. Benkei’s story cracked me up many times. He is sweet and caring but unfamiliar with dealing with a female and so many awkward situations arise.

Yoshitsune- The  leader of the group from the Genji Clan and the one who pulls everyone together. His followers would give their lives in an instant for him. He is kind and thoughtful using strategy and thought over brute force.

Goyo- From the Mainland. Goyo is flamboyant and showy with fine tastes and refines actions. He doesn’t seem to be just a normal Ninja does he?

Noritsune- On the enemy side from the Heishi he seems to know you from before you lost your memory. He is kind and a good leader like Yoshitsune. He is young hearted and loyal.

Once saved you are thrown in on an adventure to recover your lost memories and the Three Sacred Treasures which may be the key.

I enjoyed this game which is free to play, you have a certain amount of energy to use every day and go through check points but you can also buy things to set you on a faster path. I don’t mind the check points and things since I play so many I just go through each one and do the daily reward and training until I can pass the check points. Some of the games have a paid to play version where you just make one transaction and buy a story which sometimes is defiantly worth it but not necessary to enjoy playing the games.

Have you played any of these games? What did you think about it? Did you have a favorite character? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Yes game, I HAVE had a romance with a ninja, it didn’t workout as I could never tell if she was there or not, damn stealth girlfriends.


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