Danganronpa (0_0)

Originally a video game series starting in 2010 it was soon adapted into visual novels and an anime series. My little sister let me know about this one by showing me the abridged videos on youtube and right away I was at times confused and uncomfortable >_< ha ha ha. I of course had to watch the actual show and I thought it was interesting.

It begins with Hope’s Peak¬†Academy that selects a group of students every year who are the best of the best and one “Lucky” student who wins entrance by lottery. In this case the lucky student is Naegi Makoto. He arrives at the school and loses consciousness, shortly he wakes up and finds himself in a classroom alone. He goes searching and finds that he is trapped in this school with 14 other students. The principle is a creepy two toned robotic bear named Monokuma who informs them that they will be trapped in the school forever, unless they kill one of the other students and get away with it by not being found out by the rest. If they get found out they will be killed in various ways, if they get away with it they are set free and everyone else is killed. At first all the students refuse but soon each of them realizes they have certain reasons to get out of this prison and so the regretful murders begin.

Every student is unique and somewhat weird. You defiantly get favorites that you root for or are sad to see kick the bucket (or turned into butter). It was interesting to say the least and I would give it a watch for fun.

What do you think about this series? Do you have a favorite student? Let me know in the comments!

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