Full Metal Alchemist

This series is one of my favorites the manga and the anime are both fantastic. I’ve watched the first series several times and am always drawn into it. There are 51 episodes and one movie (though the movie is meh)

The series focuses on the Elric brothers, Edward being the oldest and Al being the youngest. They live in a world where many people can use science to do alchemy and create various things using it. One of the main rules is that you cannot create something without giving something of equal value in return. The boys dad left when they were very little and when they are around 7-10 years old their beloved mother passes away. They do what is a forbidden act and try to bring their mother back from the dead, in doing so Edward loses his leg and Al loses his whole body. What they bring back was not their mother but a monster and Edward gives one of his arms to attach his little brothers soul to a set of armor. They did something very bad that night and they paid dearly for it. The rest of the series consists of the two brothers traveling around trying to find information on the “Philosophers Stone” a stone that can make it where you don’t have to give something of equal value when you transmute something. Ed wants to find it to give his brother back his body to right part of the wrong he committed. You meet many great characters along the way and experience much heartbreak.

It has a good plot and once things get going they really get going, there are scenes that will stick with you forever. Great series.

What do you think of this series? Who is your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. My fav is Ed and it would be very interesting to know small stories that rolls around all of the other characters. They have diverse character pool. 🙂 I always get this contented feeling while watching an episode of FMA 🙂


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