Kamigami no Asobi

This otome game turned anime aired in 2014 and consists of 12 episodes (wish there were more >_<).

Yui Kusanagi is a normal highschool aged girl living in her family’s Shinto shrine. One day she comes across a sword that takes her to another realm where she meets a host of bishi Gods. She learns from Zeus that he has set up this school and put some of the problem Gods in it along with Yui to help the Gods understand more about humans. If they are not able to accomplish this feat then they will all forever be trapped in this realm.

There are several Gods from: Greek, Japanese and Norse mythology. Each one has personality characteristics having to do with what they are gods over. Yui slowly gets to know each one and they all open up to her eventually. This series was a good one, sometimes with Otome games turned animes I’m not always a fan. This one had lots of funny moments and also serious tones as well. I liked Hades and Takeru the best.

Check this series out and tell me what you think of it! Who is your favorite God?

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  1. This show was fun. I loved Hades and Loki myself and was kind of rooting for Yui to have some kind of undercurrent fondness to either/or. It’s nice that someone else has watched this series, because so far I have met next to no one that has.


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