Wolf Girl and Black Prince

This anime began airing in October and finished with 12 episodes in late December. I was sad to see it end and would have definitely continued to watch more and more. I liked the animation and story quite a bit though I did find myself feeling embarrassed at some of the happenings.

The story revolves around a girl Erika who lies to her new classmates to make friends with them. She takes a picture of a random boy on the streets to show her friends and says that they are going out. The boy just so happens to go to the same school and is a very popular “prince” of the school, Kyouya. Erika works out a deal with Kyouya so she wont be found out to be a liar, he will be in a fake relationship with her if she acts like his dog and does everything he wants. She realizes that this sweet prince everyone sees really has a black heart and a twisted personality. She begrudgingly agrees and hilarity and awkwardness ensues as they keep up the charade of them being madly in love. Slowly they get to know each other and their fake relationship slowly turns into something more.

I watched this one on  Crunchyroll and defiantly recommend watching it. I love school shojo anime and manga and this one was pretty good. Sometimes the main character’s stupidity and own faults that get her into bad situations were quite embarrassing but none the less funny.

What did you think of this series? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. This is one series that I have a love/hate relationship with. There are some moments that are kind of cute and lovey and others that just make me cringe. I really couldn’t stand Kyouya, personally, so I found it hard to be happy for Erika when she falls for him. My overall impression was rather ‘meh’. It was a good one time watch, but unlike some other shojo shows, I don’t think I could ever rewatch this one.


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