Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! (Welp I don’t even know….)

Sooo…I have watched many anime series in the “Magical Girl” genre and a few of the series are some of my favorite. While watching them I always thought to myself how things would go and look like if it were boys instead of girls. Well now I know and am not sure what I feel ha ha.

The first episode is out at this time on Crunchyroll and I have just watched it. It centers around 5 high school boys who meet a pink wombat looking alien that goes on and on about love and how they are the “Battle Lovers”. Where as in most Magical Girls anime once they have very little explanation they seem to easily accept their new roll and commence to use the new found power they suddenly possess. In this case however the boys are cynical and try to run from the alien. Once they are bestowed their new powers( against their will) it is comical and makes you think a little more about how in other series it seems now ridiculous. It is pretty interesting to see this genre in this form and is very funny and at times embarrassing for sure.

Im very interested to hear others opinions on this series. 🙂 So let me know what you think in the comments!

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