Delish Korean food!


I went to a Korean restaurant recently to start trying different dishes, this trip I got Bibimbap served on a hot plate. There was a lot of different things in the dish like :Rice, bean sprouts, seaweed, mushrooms, rice, a type or jelly, a egg and a few other things. Its served all nicely and once you get it you break the yolk and stir up all the ingredients and the heat cooks the egg. If you leave a layer of rice untouched on the bottom it will get crispy and yummy  on the hot plate. It was a lot of food and my friend and I had plenty between the two of us.


Every meal is served with Banchan usually consisting of different types of kimchi and pickles. They were all very tasty, I like the sweeter pickles than the sour ones. There was a tasty little sea food salad amongst them that was very good. We ate our food with some Korean Barley tea to aid in digestion. Im becoming more and more of a fan of Korean food and cant wait to try more.

Are there any dishes you really like or that are your favorites? Let me know so I can try them! 🙂

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  1. Oh man I miss good Korean food. I just moved from Denver to OKC and so far I haven’t found any decent asian places here. In Denver there’s a restaurant called Dae Gee and they had the most amazing Bibimbop. I’m so hungry now! I’m going to have to learn to make it for myself so I can have it.


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