Korean Ice Cream (Is amazing)

ice cream

So recently when I’ve been going to the Korean Market I’ve been trying a different ice cream each time. So the Samanco ice cream was Amazing! It is a little fish shaped thin bread filled with a soft vanilla ice cream and a layer of sweet red bean paste. It was one of the best ice cream bars I have ever had.

The screw was a popsicle ice bar that was a strawberry apple flavor. It was pretty good though I do prefer ice cream over ice bars.

ice cream 1

This Papico ice bar was interesting to open and took awhile to thaw enough to easily eat but the taste was really good. It tasted like frozen Yoo Hoo (the chococlate drink).

ice cream 2

Oh man this Melon bar was so good. I’ve always been a fan of the Melon ramune marble soda and Kasugai melon gummies. When I saw this ice bar I was excited and rightfully so, its a soft and creamy bar with a really good melon flavor. Big fan of these and have eaten more than I should ever admit of these.

Have you ever had any Korean ice cream bars? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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