DeadMan Wonderland

This series is very violent and has a lot of fowl language and so is defiantly not for kids. It aired in 2011 and has a mere 12 episodes.

It follows a boy Ganta who experiences a terrible disaster as a child that nearly destroyed all of Japan. Ten years later he is a normal high school boy who watches as his class is brutally murdered by this strange “Red Man”. He is framed for the massacre and sent to a high security prison/ amusement park. Once there Ganta meets Shiro who seems to know him but he has forgotten her. After a close call where Ganta nearly dies a power awakens inside him where his blood is used as a weapon. He is taken to a special area of the prison where the Deadmen live. The Deadmen are prisoners that have a special virus where they can use their own blood to fight.

They are forced into fights against each other where the loser either dies or has to play a penalty game where they lose body parts. There is a lot of inner politics and turmoil obviously. The ‘Red Man” shows up here and there and Ganta wants his revenge. Slowly his past seems to return and many things come to light.

I thought it was an interesting story and liked it just fine. Once again it is for a mature audience.

Have you watched this series? Let me know what you thought about it!

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