With spring comes changes

Winter is finally passing by and the signs of spring are all around, with change comes more change it seems. Im ready to be through with all the sickness and bleh that my family has been dealing with the past two months for sure. Colds and bugs galore it seemed but besindes that my own day to day habits have caused me to feel just awful and the only fault lies with myself. I have several health problems but the one that seems to lie in the center with little connections to all the others is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrom). PCOS is a common endocrine disorder amoung women. It involves some serious hormonal imballances that bring about a slew of not so cool symptoms such as: severly increased risk for Diabetes type 2, hightened risk for heart disease,rapid weight gain and difficulty losing, cysts growing in and around the ovaries (that can bust and send you to a world of pain), infertility, depression, anxiety and alot of other issues. There is alot that is unknown about the disorder like what exactly causes it, it seems to be a genetic trait. There is NO cure for PCOS there are only treatments that you have to hit or miss and change up with your symptoms. The symptoms get progressivly worse the older you get as well as the heavier you are normally. Even if you get your ovaries removed eventually you will always live with syptoms.

Anyway my symptoms have been getting worse the past several months and it has alot to do with my lifestyle during the holidays for sure. Stress for one is a trigger like no other, it causes your body to just shut down or go into overdrive which are both not good things. A really big factor in how you feel for anyone is what you eat. The things that go in your body are fueling you and will impact your entire health. There have been multiple studies in the past few years that show a Gluten free diet and low Carb diet do wonders for those who suffer from PCOS and from experience I believe it. Two years ago my family and I went G-free for several reasons the main one being to help my step-daughter. While doing that for several months I was feeling alot better and didnt have as many achey bloaty feelings every day. Everyone in the house could tell and yet…sometimes life just distracts you and we got offtrack from eating that way. Even after we stopped eating G-free my husband would constantly say “You need to be on that diet, it helped.” but I would just pass it by thinking “I know.”

Even though I knew it was better for me I was lazy, it is alot of work to put ANY restrictions on your food and I just didnt want to take the time (even though the one thing I always have is time) to get back on track. Well after the past few months and gaining a bit of weight even a little really matters. Im tired of feeling awful and sick after eating something I shouldnt. Im tired of being tired and blah.

So the only thing I can do is work for feeling better, its not just going to happen. We’ve been eating better lately mainly eating lots of veggies and fruits which is great. Spring is nearly here and that means lots of fresh picked veggies on on the horizon. 🙂

Because of the sudden blast of G-free movements it seems, there are so many new things out that fit the diet. Im always amazed going to the store now because a few years ago there was just a teeny section and now there is 3 or 4 sections and so much to choose from. The varity makes it easier for sure though it can be pricey and just because it is G-free does not mean that it is healthy at all, it just means there is no Gluten. I hope we can all make healthier choices for the spring 🙂

Do you know of anyone or do you yourself suffer from this disorder or something similar? What helps you? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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