~Adventures in Korea Town~ Part one Jjim-jil Bang

So two weeks ago I ventured to my home state, Texas to spend some time with family and see some friends. While there I always try and go to the large super amazing and wonderfully relaxing Traditional Korean Spa King Spa located in Dallas. I’ve been there several times over the last few years and have explored just a bit of the area surrounding it. This visit though I made it a goal to explore the area and see what I could fine. On this trip, I took my little sister who is quite fond of the Korean Spa and all the little treats we can find at the markets.

First stop was King Spa, which is a traditional Korean “Jjim-Jil Bang” which puts a focus on family health and relaxation. You enter and pay your entrance fee that is about $30 for 24 hours, you receive a bracelet that has your locker key as well as the scanning token you will use inside for the purchase of food or extra services. Before walking into the main area, you remove your shoes and carry them into the locker rooms and the bathing area that is separated by gender. You put your belongings and clothes into the lockers and then go into the bathing area that has several tubs and lots of showers both western and the Asian showers. You have to wash your body entirely in the showers before entering any of the baths; you must tie your hair up as well so that it does not touch the water. This prevents any dirt and hairs floating in these shared baths. After soaking in one of the tubs whether it was the tea tub or the salt one or perhaps one of the others you will feel calm and relaxed.

You exit the bathing room and get one of the Spa’s uniforms to wear in the main area that is co-ed. There are many fancy tables and chairs in front of the Korean café that serves lots of Korean dishes, snacks, juices and the popular spa eggs. Surrounding this area are many more cushy lounging seats and recliners that you can relax in. You can enjoy a movie in the theatre area or maybe just watch some random dramas in the main area. Once you are ready, you can go into any of the many sauna rooms that are each unique, and each is supposed to help with some part of the body. Some help with the respiratory system, the circulatory system, aging, organ cleanse and many other things. In front of each little room there is a plaque that gives you information such as name and what the specific room helps with, it is very interesting learning about them all. You enter the rooms and take a seat in the floor or lay down and relax as the dry or humid sauna begins to make you sweat out all the bad things you acquire from day to day. (NOTE: When ever you go to the saunas make sure you stay hydrated between rooms, there is always a water dispenser and metal cups for you in front of the café. Drink LOTS of water and you will get better effects!)

There are such neat things inside the rooms and outside for that matter. One of the rooms is shaped like an Egyptian pyramid and on the inside is golden, and the scent of sandal wood fill the dry air making you feel like you are in the desert. The salt room is a little dome that is made entirely of salt rocks. There is an amethyst room filled with large amethyst geodes that are so beautiful you can look at them for hours. There are so many rooms filled with charcoal, infrared lights, pine wood and hot base rocks. Want a deep cleanse? Try out the Bul-ga-ma and the Fire sudatorium, these rooms you are only allowed to be in for a much shorter time than the others because of the extreme heat. The Fire room is the hottest and boy is it nearly painful to be in, sounds relaxing right? Well, this room is supposed to be able to clean up your organs, the air is so thick it hurts to have your eyes open and to breathe. If you are sick though with sinuses or headaches go into this room for just a few minutes and when you emerge you will feel like a hundred bucks and be able to breath easy and think with a clear mind.

Before going into any of the baths or saunas make sure you read all the warnings and information about any health issues that you may have that would make it unsafe for you. It is such a great place just to take the day or even a few hours to just wash away all the stress and toxins from everyday life. Take some friends and have a girls spa day! Everyone will love it, and it will make everyone feel relaxed and closer. The Korean spa is one of my all-time favorite things to do.

Have you ever been to a traditional spa or bathhouse? What did you think? Was it fun and relaxing of were you too anxious? Tell me all about it in the comments!

korean food

Yummy whole chicken soup and mandu.

korean spa 2

Main area

korean spa

Pyramid room and Salt room.


Patbingsu! So refreshing and cooling!

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