~Adventures in Korea Town~ Part two

Recently I was able to go on an adventure around Dallas and Carrolton which has one of the largest Korean populations in the south I believe. There are entire areas that are mainly Korean businesses, restaurants and stores. I’ve been around this area before going to the Korean Spa I love visiting but have never really explored the area thoroughly. This visit my little sister and I set out after our spa trip and walked around two different areas to see what was around.

There were lots of Korean restaurants and cafes as well as several super cute little stores that held many wonders for us. Our first stop was a TonyMoly Boutique that when I saw it I nearly stopped breathing. I order lots of Korean cosmetic products online and am super excited to be able to visit all the little shops in Seoul when I go, so seeing one here was very exciting. We went in and walked around looking at all the adorable products and checking out every shelf so we didn’t miss anything.


After leaving the cosmetic store we walked around the shopping center and happened upon a Mozart Bakery which we had seen products from being sold at a few different markets here and there. We were excited to go into the actual bakery and look around. It was set up like a normal Korean bakery and I proceeded carrying around the little tray and tongs to pick out a few different buns and cookies to try. We looked at the delicious  looking cakes and treats in the case and picked one out to try. We got a perfect looking strawberry mousse to share and it was very good! The things I picked out amoungst all the breads were some Black sesame tapioca donuts, walnut paste bun, red bean bun and a bag of almond egg white cookies. Everything was very good but the Black sesame donut was the real winner out of everything.

korean cake

korean bakery

After enjoying our treats we went to several of the little shops around to see what they had. Our eyes filled with lots of Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Totoro and many other things. There were cute pencils, erasers, bags, mugs and all sorts of things to look at. There were shelves of K-pop merch including: cds, posters, pillow cases, and socks ( I may have gotten a pain of Jang Guen Suk socks 6_6 ). I was over whelmed by all the neat things to look at.

After going to the shops we went to the market to look around at all the food and the market we went to was huge with so much! There were produce you cant find anywhere else in the area and lots of little food stands making fresh Kimchi Jeon and Sashimi samples and so many yummy treats around every corner. It was a Saturday we went and that is when to go for sure because of all the samples and stands making food. We looked at everything and I was able to find several things I’ve been looking for that until then I was unable to find. I managed to find a bottle of Mcols soda which I’ve been wanting to try so bad! We got several different treats and cool items we came across. It was a great place for shopping!

korean goodies

korean finds

Have you ever gotten to shop around a Korean area? What are some neat things you found? Do you have a favorite Korean food? Let me know about it in the comments!

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