~Summer Arrives~

Alas summer is finally here, and so there is more time to partake in various dorky activities more often. Let the season of Anime, Dramas, and Video games commence! There is so many series that are on my radar to watch and games to play, where to start! A bright spot this week is the fact that the Steam Summer Sale has begun starting today. *Listens to money slipping away out of wallet* It is exciting for many reasons, one of which is I just started a TWITCH channel and have been wanting to stream several games and if I can get them for next to nothing then fantastic.

I am going to try and get at least one post up every day, more if I am able. I’ve been going through all the anime I have watched before, and the list is quite impressive for sure, so between those and the ones I am currently watching there will be no running out of content surely. There are multiple Korean Dramas that have caught my eye as well; I wish I could watch them all non-stop but alas, because I am somewhat human I require sustenance and sleep to survive. >_<

What are some of the things you are watching this summer? Any fun games you suggest? Let me know about them in the comments! :3

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