First Impressions : Silver Spoon

When “Silver Spoon” first popped up on Netflix I was skeptical but once I began watching it I found it very enjoyable, as did my step daughter. It is a very simple series in a refreshing way. Be warned though this series will make you very hungry at times!

The story follows Hachiken who transfers to a agriculture high school to study and get away from his overbearing family. He seems like a bit of a privileged kid compared to the other students who all come from farming family’s and who all have their minds set on agricultural fields career wise. Hachiken makes friends with many of his classmates and begins to really enjoy his school even though he has to work very hard morning to night. He learns many things about the way farms are run and how to take care of animals. I felt like I was learning right next to him!

Each of his friends is interesting and they all have their individual back grounds and dreams that they are working towards. You get to know each one and the hard ships they face throughout the series. I find the story telling very simple and a nice change of pace from some of the other anime I watch. Defiantly check this one out.

Have you already seen this series? Tell me what you thought about it in the comments!

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