Homeschool: When the teacher needs a break!

Homeschooling can be super stressful! After all you are responsible for a small persons education and future, if that doesn’t bring on bouts of anxiety then what will? After a two years of homeschooling a pre-teen/teen I think one of the most important things is to make sure you take a break! If you are tired and worn out everyone loses out. It can be hard to get a few minutes to yourself I know but you should let your partner (if you have one) and your kids know you may need a breather if just for a moment.

Here are some of my favorite de-stressers to help me out when I really need a “moment”:

  1. Sit down with a cup of Tea/Coffee/Cocoa and sip on it while listening to Pandora’s Dustin O’Halloran channel (seriously check it out, it is a fantastic relax channel)
  2. Read part of a book or even some articles on the internet. Something interesting you can lose yourself in.
  3. Take a hot bath with bubbles or pick one of the many soothing Epsom salts (If you ever see a Milk and Honey one try it! It is fabulous!!!)
  4. Take a walk outside for a few minutes and breath in and out deeply while doing so.
  5. Lay down in bed, on the couch or even in the floor for a few minutes being completely still and silent.

I understand that it is a lot harder for those who have much younger children as well as those who have more than one. It really is important to get a break every now and then for your overall health.

What do you do to relax? Let me know about it in the comments and I may want to try it out!

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