Money Saving Resources for Home School

Home Schooling can be expensive. In the state I live in you have to be under a Cover School to be able to Home School and to be under an accredited one you usually have to pay tuition which I do. So between: tuition to be covered in my state, the text books, novels, experiments, and just supplies in general- It gets super expensive to get through the year.

This next year however I wanted to see if there were ways to save some money while still getting the things I need. Now we enter High School this next school year (dun dun duuuun) and right off the bat our tuition goes up and we will have to pay for various tests throughout the next few years. I prepare my school year for the most part as early as I can to have it ready to go and so here are a few tips and tricks I have been finding to save some munnies~

  1. – let me just say LOVE this site. I have been able to get several of the text books and novels for super cheap. Now most of these books are used but you are able to shop different conditions for different prices. After getting 3 different text books that would have cost me around $400 if I had to buy them new , I spent only $25. They came in quickly and there was minimal ware and tear on each of them, super usable and the small areas of boo boo’s can be over looked easily. I will be buying more books from this site for sure.
  2. I started using Khan Academy and all the resources and classes they offer. We love it, the math is easy to learn as they show you step by step processes and give you hints when you need them. They have a wide variety of course material and the best part: It is FREE. We like using anything we can on there and will continue to do so the next few years.
  3. I make full use out of book store “memberships” we renew our Books.a.million membership every year and it pays for itself in the first month most of the time. I get a lot of great sales and coupons through email and wind up saving a lot of money using them.
  4. The Library: seriously people the Library is great. It is free and has a lot to offer. We can get the next reading material here and we enjoy getting out of the house just to go here. Find your local Library and get a card and take full advantage of it!
  5. Hobby Lobby sales, I will wait till the things I need are on the sale paper for sure. Plus every week the 40% coupon comes in handy if there is something that I need right then. I try to keep an eye out for science kit sales and craft sales and do my best to plan ahead for things I will need.


What are some ways you save money? Do you use any of the ways listed above? Let me know in the comments! šŸ™‚

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