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~Promise not to look back~ (Spirited Away Fanfiction)

It had been 9 years since she had had that dream, the dream that seemed so real but it wasnt…was it? In her mind it was a mere dream but if it was just a dream why was she keeping that promise she made? She never looked back she kept going forward and kept growing. She was a fine young woman now, 19 years old. Her hair was now long enough to pass her waist but she kept it in a pony tail tied with a sparkling band that was of great importance to her, she always felt confident when wearing it. Instead of going to a University she managed to open a small shop where she sold charms and offerings to spirts, she was always quite fond of spirits. Some people didn’t believe that they exsisted but she did, she didn’t know how but she knew they were there watching us.
It was late in the evening when she locked up shop and walked back to the back where she lived, it was a nice cozy apartment that she could read and write in peace in. It was always hard when she was living with her parents but they could be obnoxious and incensitive at times so it could be difficult.
She sat at her kotatsu and began drawing in her sketchbook, for years now she would draw a dragon, not just any dragon but a particular one. She was fond of the dragon and part of her felt like she was waiting for the dragon to come for her. When ever she would feel this she would shake her head and tell herself that no such thing would happen…yet secretly she hoped.
She must have dozed off in her dreaming because she was awoken by the sound of the bell above the entrance door. “I thought I had locked that door…oh well maybe I forgot.” Chihiro stood and tidied up her appearence by brushing away the wrinkles of her dress. She walked through the hallway and into the store. “I’m terribly sorry but we’re closed no…” she gasped and held onto the counter for support. There was a man standing there in the center of the shop, his hair was fine and long tied back into a braid, he wore black pants and a matching top that had the top buttons undone showing his smooth ivory skin. His eyes seemed to look into her very soul, he gazed at her and their eyes met, in an instant her dream became a reality, it was real. She really went to that bath house 9 years ago and met all those spirits…her friends, and most importantly she met him though not for the first time there.
“Ha…Haku?” she asked her voice wavering.
He smiled and gave a slight bow. ” Chihiro it’s been awhile. I must apoligize that it has taken me this long.” She just stared at him, it was so much to take in she didn’t know what to say. She opened her mouth but nothing came out, against her will tears sprang up in her eyes and began to fall to the ground. She buried her face in her hand and lowered herself to the ground as she sobbed.
He chuckled and walked slowly over to her kneeling down and placing his hand on her back. “You can still be a cry baby I see.” She cried and he comforted her. “Hey there, shhh…shhh…it’s all okay now.”
She turned to him and threw her arms around his neck burrying her face into his shoulder. He looked over at her with a loving expression and wraped his arms around her gently cradling her.
After a few minutes her tears dried and she pulled away so she could look into his eyes, she kept her hands on his shoulders thinking that as long as she held him he wouldn’t go away again. ” Haku, I’m sorry…i’m so sorry.” she said almost bring herself to tears again.
He gave her a warm smile. “For what?”
“For forgetting…” she looked away ashamed.
He released her and grabed her chin pulling her face back to his. “You didn’t really forget, you were waiting for me, all this time. I made it to where you couldn’t remember but you never forgot.” he cupped her cheek in his soft hand.
She closed her eyes and put her own hand over his. ” You came…you came…”
He kissed her forehead, she opened her eyes surprised, a slight pink showing on her cheeks. ” I promised didn’t I, im just sorry it took so long. I watched you grow, I watched you and wanted to be with you but I knew I couldn’t until…” he trailed off.
“Until what?” she asked looking up at him with those large eyes.
“Until I became human.” He gave her a smile that seemed to melt her very soul.
“Haku…you mean your…? But…why that means you will…” she searched his eyes.
“Die? Yes I know, as will you one day. Chihiro I don’t want immortality if it means I have to live forever, a forever where your not there. I love you Chihiro I always have.” he gazed upon her with such sincerity and adoration she wouldn’t have minded if time had stopped right there.
She blushed and closed her eyes for a moment thinking over what he had just said, after a time she opened them and smiled. ” I love you too Haku, I was waiting for you.” She slowly leaned forward and placed her lips on his. He put one hand on the back of her head and the other on her lower back pulling her in as they shared their first kiss. An eternity seemed to pass before they parted and gazed lovingly into one anothers eyes. Haku stood pulling Chihiro up with him, he kneeled back down and grasped both of her hands. “Chihiro would you live this life and many more with me as my wife and partner in all I do?”
Tears filled her eyes again and she nodded. “Yes…Yes! Of course I do!.” a wide smile crossed his face and he picked her off the ground and swung her around happily.
“Thank you Chihiro, you’ve made me the happiest man alive, it will be an honor to live and die with you by my side.”

Many many years later
They lived happily for many years, had children and then they had children of their own. Haku and Chihiro always honored the spirits and each other. They grew old together and shared the experience of life with one another. The sad times, the happy times everything they managed to be strong through it all. They never once looked back.
Haku lay on the white futon that was on the floor, the sliding doors were open letting in the spring air , the sounds of the nearby river could be heard. He gazed out at the greenery, his face withered and old, his eyes held such wisdom. He coffed and was joined by Chihiro who was being helped by her grand daughters, once they set her next to him she shooed them away.
She looked down at her husband with calm eyes. She could feel him slipping. She sighed and gazed out to the swaying trees. ” I wonder…if you ever regret giving up your life as a spirit…” her voice was aged but wise.
Haku lifted his hand to her face and held it like he always had before. “Not a day has ever passed where I felt regret, I have lived a full and happy life.”
She smiled sweetly and lay down next to him holding his hand to her heart. “Thank you for loving me.”
They both lay there gazing outside then as if on cue they turned their heads towards each other gazing into the eyes of their life partner. Chihiro closed hers and sighed. “No matter how many lives we live promise you will always find me…”
He turned her head to look upwards and closed his eyes. “No matter what I will always find you…promise me that you will never look back.”
She inhaled and exhaled slowly. “I promise…see you soon…” they intertwined their fingers and held onto each others hand tightly. After a few fleeting moments both of their grips loosened but they still were intertwined. Their last breaths left their earthly bodies and they slipped away…together, like it always should and would be till the end of time.

Kyoya looks her way (An Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction)

Kyoya sat there at the small table with his laptop and black book he always carried with him. He looked over the balance sheet for the months spending. * Tamaki you idiot, my accounting skills are excellent and yet even I struggle keeping up with your fancies.* he ran his hand through his hair and sighed.
“Kyoya-sempai I brought you some tea.” came a familiar voice. Kyoya looked over to meet the large brown eyes of the girl that had been working with the host club to pay back her debt that she had with them. She stood there holding a silver tray with one of the clubs tea sets.
“Oh thank you.” Kyoya said in his normal cold voice .He  watched her set the tray down and fill a cup for him.  With that she turned and walked back to her table where she had clients waiting for her.
*How odd that she brought me tea when she had guests* he thought to himself before shaking his head as if shaking the thought away. He went back to his work only to find his eyes wandering over to her. She was sitting talking with the girls, seemingly telling them a story perhaps about her late mother. She smiled and laughed about something, behind that smile though, Kyoya felt that there was a sadness that only he seemed to notice.
“Kyoya! How is the budgeting going?” came the flamboyant obnoxious voice of the host king.
“Tamaki I must say that you’ve been really lose with the clubs purse strings…” Kyoya looked up and saw that Tamaki wasn’t even listening to him. He was staring at Haruhi.
“Ah daddy’s little girl is so cute today! Don’t you agree mommy?” Tamaki looked at Kyoya expectantly.
Kyoya stared at him and then at Haruhi almost looking like he was contemplating something. He coffed and looked back at the screen of his laptop. “Please don’t bother me with such things.”
The room emptied as it got closer to closing time. After the last guest left everyone was packing up for the day.
“HA_RU_HI~~~” came the voices of the twins in perfect unison of course. ” Want us to give you a ride home?” they asked.
She closed the lid to her bag and stared at them blankly. “Thanks for the offer guys but i’ll pass. I prefer to walk home”
“Awww come on Haruhi!” they whined.
“Leave my darling Haruhi alone you evil twins!” shouted Tamaki as he ran over putting his arms around her.
She sighed and pinched the top of one of his hands making him release her. ” I don’t know what universe your in Sempai but please come back to this one.”
He held his hand and sat in the corner whimpering. The twins stood on either side of him. ” Ha ha boss it looks like your the one that should leave her alone.”
Mori and Hunni left together and were followed by the twins and Tamaki who were still fighting. Haruhi left with them as well, leaving Kyoya in music room 3 alone.
He decided to stay behind so that he could concentrate on finishing his work for the day. He looked out the window watching it begin to pour down raining. He must have been tired because he found himself dozing off with his arms and head on the table in front of him.
He didn’t know how long he was asleep but he was woken by a clap of thunder. He sat up and looked out, lightning shot across the sky and the building shook. “Oh great it looks like ill have to wait to go home until the storm blows over.” he sighed and laid back leaning in the chair slightly. He heard a sound that wasnt from the storm. He looked around trying to find the origins of it, it was coming from the side room. Slowly he got up and walked to the door and opened it just enough so he could see into the room. He saw a figure crouched down on the other side of the room. He opened the door all the way and walked towards the figure. Thunder shook the building and the figure whimpered and shook. Lightning went across the evening sky and illuminated the room. It was Haruhi. She was crouched down on the ground holding her hands to the side of her head trying to cover her ears. Her eyes were closed and tear streaks ran down her pale face.
Kyoya had never seen her like this, she was always so calm and composed, now…she looked like a frightened animal. He didn’t like it. ” Haruhi…I thought you left what are you doing here?” his voice shook slightly and he didn’t know why.
She looked up and opened her eyes. “Kyo…” thunder shook the room and she winced holding her head down. ” I started walking home when I realized I left my wallet…it started raining and then the storm became really bad…I tried to get here as fast as possible.” her voice was strained. Kyoya looked over her and saw that her clothes clung to her small frame, she was soaked. ” I…I didn’t think that anyone was here, im …sor…sorry if I disturbed you sempai.”
Kyoya clenched his fist, for some reason unknown to him that statement frustrated him. “You didn’t disturb me!” his hand shot to his mouth as he took in a intake of breath. Why was he getting so flustered?
She shivered violently and sneezed. “Oh…that’s good…” she laughed lightly but so quietly.
Before she knew what was happening Kyoya had kneeled down and slid his arms under her effortlessly picking her up. She looked at him wide eyed. ” Kyo…Kyoya wha…?”
He didn’t look at her and she could have been mistaken but Haruhi could swear he was slightly blushing. His voice was level and composed. “Your soaking if you dont change you could get sick.”
She held on to the collar of his shirt. *Could he be…worried about me?* she wondered as she found herself blushing as well.
“After all if you get sick then you can’t pay back your debt as quick.” he said this as he took her into the other room.
*Oh…of course he would say that.” she coffed and shook her head. He set her down on the table. Silently he went to the clubs closet and rifled through a few items. He came back holding a pink dress that was simple with ruffles.
She took it from him. “Uh..Sempai is this the only thing you could find?”
Kyoya crossed his arms and looked at her. “Haruhi dont you think I would have given you something else if I had any other choice?”
She knew he hadn’t said it to hurt her feelings but for some reason those words got to her. She nervously went into the changing room and quickly came out wearing the dress which fit her perfectly. Her hair was wet and ruffled looking and her eyes looked so sad. She looked so vulnerable.
Kyoya looked up at her and stopped staring. After a moment he quickly adverted his gaze and sat in his chair closing his laptop. * I shouldn’t even kid myself im not going to get any work done.*
Haruhi walked over, thunder rang through the halls making her yell and jump, she held herself with a look of fear.
Kyoya watched her and he wanted to embrace her more than he’s every wanted anything. He shook his hand and looked out the window. * Get a hold of yourself, this isn’t like you letting a girl get you flustered. Especially this girl.* he thought about how they met and the things following their meeting. He had always watched her but it was for amusement and curiosity…right? He was beginning to doubt that was the reason.
Thunder rang out again, Haruhi jolted forward tripping on the rug on the floor, she began to fall forward almost hitting the ground. Kyoya leaped forward catching her and landing on the ground himself with her in his arms.
She looked up shocked. “Sem…Sempai…I’m so sorry I should be more carefu…”
“Haruhi it’s okay, just be quite and relax.” His hair was covering his eyes and his glasses seemed to have been knocked off. “It’s okay you know, you shouldn’t apologize so much.”
Haruhi looked at him her expression softening, even though his words seemed harsh sometimes she saw that he cared in his own way. She clutched at his shirt and rested her head on his chest. “Thank you Sempai.” her voice was soft and melodious.
There was a silence except for the rain falling outside for a long while before he responded. “You know you could just call me Kyoya…”
Haruhi blushed and kept her eyes down soon she fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 2 (Kyoya finds his Merit)
Haruhi woke up in her bed, she quickly sat up looking around franticly. “Kyo…Huh? Where…how did I get home?” She rubbed her eyes confused. The alarm clock on her side table went off, grabbing it she saw the time. “I’m going to be late for school!” Swiftly she got dressed and went through the kitchen grabbing a piece of toast and running to the entrance slipping on her shoes.
“Haruhi dear, are you feeling okay?” came the voice of her cross dressing father.
She turned and smiled. “Yeah dad, I’m fine…hey uh.” she looked down. ” Did Kyoya…?”
Her father cut her off and made a flamboyant hand gesture. “Oh that dear boy! He brought you here late last night, you had me worried Haruhi! I didn’t know what had become of my precious daughter.” by this time he had made his way to her and was smothering her in a fatherly embrace.
Haruhi tried to loosen her self. “Dad, im fine really.” *So it wasn’t a dream…* she thought to herself.
After her goodbyes with her father she headed to school where she was met by the twins as she entered the class room. “Haruhi!” they both called. ” That was some storm yesterday wasn’t it? You got home before it hit right?”
Haruhi smiled. “Of course I did.”
The day seemed long, Haruhi sat at her desk eating her homemade bento at lunch. All the while thinking about the night before and about Kyoya, it was odd that he just accepted her like that, it seemed to Haruhi that he had actually cared for her but it was because he didn’t want her to get sick and not be able to pay her debt right away right? She didn’t know.
Once school let out and club activity’s started Haruhi headed to music room three. She opened the door and Tamaki leaped on her giving her a hug. “Haruhi! I’ve missed you!” He was pulled off by who Haruhi thought was Hikaru or Kaoru but it was Kyoya. She couldn’t help but blush slightly.
“Tamaki you should get to your post.” Kyoya said not even glancing at her.
“Kyoya you ruin all my fun!” Tamaki shouted as he jumped up and down like a small child. Before he ran off to his post he looked at Haruhi again. “Hey…you were okay last night right? It wasn’t too scary?” He looked at her with a concerned expression.
Haruhi smiled thinking it was sweet Tamaki had remembered her fear. “It was okay Sempai thanks for thinking of me though.” She walked to her table where she greeted her ladies.
Kyoya took the day to go into the store room making sure they had everything they needed in stock, one of the cultural festivals was just around the corner and so he wanted to be prepared.
The day came to an end and so everyone said their farewells. “Haruhi are you coming along?” called Tamaki.
“Uh…no Sempai im going to stay back for just a bit and go to the library to study.” she lied.
“Okay Haruhi study hard!” he winked and blew a kiss before leaving.
Haruhi watched the door making sure everyone was gone, she clutched her chest and breathed deeply. Once she got the courage she went into the store room where Kyoya was writing down anything they were low on.
She stood there silent he didn’t seem to notice her. “Uh…Sempai?”
“I thought I asked you to just call me Kyoya.” he said coolly.
Haruhi blushed realizing he knew she had been standing there for awhile.
“Ah…sorry Kyo…Kyoya, I just wanted to thank you again and to ask you something.”
He stopped writing and looked over at her closing his book shut and holding it at his side. “Ask me what?”
She swallowed . “I wanted to ask you why you were so nice to me when there was nothing to gain from it, it was just the two of us. At the mall that one time you told me there was no reason to put on airs around me.”
Kyoya’s eyes narrowed slightly as he thought about what she had just said. *Even then Haruhi that was a lie* he thought.
“I don’t understand why you did that when there was no reward for you.”
A smirk crossed Kyoya’s face. ” A reward you say, well how about you give me a reward.” He took a few steps towards her closing the gap between them, he leaned over to be eye level with her. ” How about you kiss me then?” he said this teasingly but with a serious tone. *She won’t actually…* his thoughts were abruptly stopped.
She leaned forward and their lips met, she had her eyes closed tightly and her cheeks were a rose pink.
Kyoya’s eyes widened and he dropped his book. The loud clattering sound surprised Haruhi and she pulled back quickly. She looked up at him franticly. ” I…i’m sorry I should go.” She turned to run out the door but being quicker than her Kyoya’s hand shot out and grabbed her wrist . She looked back at him. He stood there with his head down slightly making his hair cover the top part of his face. He was silent for a long moment.
Then he spoke. “I did it because I care for you Fujioka.”
She gasped slightly .”You mean…you care about my well being?”
He looked at her directly his face slightly red. “No! That’s not what I meant! I care for…you, do you understand?” he seemed so flustered.
Haruhi giggled slightly making him stare at her. ” What’s so funny Haruhi?”
“Ha ha Kyoya you, you always act so cool and yet even you can act so rash.” she laughed.
He sighed. “I’m the rash one? Your the one who kissed me.” that made her be quite. She looked away embarrassed.
“You asked me to…” she said shyly.
“And if I asked again would you?” He looked at her crossing his arms questioningly.
She took a moment before looking at him with those large brown eyes. “Yes I would, because I love you Kyoya sempai.”
He stood there his eyes extending the tops of his glasses, he was surprised and confused and…happy? How was it that she felt something for him as well? “I…don’t understand, I thought that you liked Tamaki.”
She shook her head. ” No…I…I care about him it’s true but he’s alot like my dad so I see him as family. But you…you watch over him even if he can be an idiot. You try to act like you dont care about people but I can see that you do.”
She had read him like a book, he couldn’t help but chuckle. “I see, and here I thought I was smooth about it.” He adjusted his glasses. ” Tell me something Haruhi when did you…?”
“Start to like you?” she asked. he nodded. ” It was gradual, it began to really settle in that night at the beach.”
Kyoya coffed and turned a bright red remembering what he had done.
“That’s when I knew you cared, the fact that you would do that to help make Tamaki’s point was sweet.”
*yeah sweet she says, besides the fact that it looked like attempted rape* he put his hand over his face.
“Then talking to you in Karuizawa, and of course that day we spent at the mall together, even though it was a bit of a hassle  had fun with you, there were so many things you knew about and then some things that were so simple puzzled you. I thought it was really cute.” She smiled up at him and then her expression became softer. “I tried to show you, when I noticed how hard you were working and I would bring you tea like yesterday, I just wanted to help you. Then last night…you made the fear go away.” She looked down.
He looked at her with a smile, slowly he placed his finger under her chin and lifted her gaze to himself. ” I see, looking back on it I understand now. Thank you for watching over me. I enjoyed those times as well, but as you know with my upbringing I have difficulty with such feelings and thoughts, they dont register at times. But…I know now.” She placed his hand on the side of her face and put her own hands over his.
“I love you Haruhi Fujioka.” And with that he kissed her this time and they stood there in an embrace.
Chapter 3 (Host Club surprise)
“Kyo-kun?” asked Haruhi using her nickname for him. ” The festival is tomorrow right? Do we have everything prepared?”
Kyoya looked up from his book, they were sitting in her living room under the kotatsu, She had tea and a few sweets set before them. This is how it had been for awhile now, they started dating after that day in his 2nd year of high school. She was a 2nd year now and he was a third only a few months from graduating. They had been dating with only Haruhi’s father’s knowledge. They met at her house or he would take her out to do something. The others in the club had no clue, except perhaps Mori and Hunni who seemed like they had an idea. ” Yes it is, I almost forgot.” he adjusted his glasses.
Haruhi grimaced slightly. ” Kyoya that’s not like you.”
He sighed and leaned back on his hands. “I know, I guess i’ve just been distracted.” he smiled at her and ruffled her hair.
“You really should concentrate Kyo, the club will fall on it’s face if you don’t.” she laughed lightly.
He joined in chuckling. “Thats true.”
They enjoyed their evening together  by eating dinner with her dad and talking about the days events, Haruhi noticed Kyoya seemed like he was deep in thought about something, she tried to ignore it but it proved difficult. After dinner Kyoya went home.
“He’s a fine young man Haru-chan.” said Ranka. ” He really cares for you.”
Haruhi looked up from the dishes. ” Oh…yeah he is, I care for him too.” she blushed slightly and went back to washing the plate she had in her hands. Ranka sqweed and glomped her hugging her tightly.
“Your so cute~ haruhi!”

The next day Haruhi ran to the club room quickly not wanting to be late, she went through the doors to see everyone getting ready for the festival. “Sorry im late guys! There are so many people here.” she panted slightly.
“Well your here now so that’s all that matters, Hikaru Kaoru help Haruhi get ready.” said Kyoya in a level stern voice.
“Right!” the twins grab both of her arms and dragged her to the back room. After several minutes and Tamaki standing outside the door like a curious puppy, Haruhi reentered, she was wearing a long pink dress with white lace ruffles. The twins had done her make up light but perfect. They tied an ivory ribbon in her hair that was simply adorable.
Tamaki’s head nearly exploded. “Haruhi! Your so cute!!!!”  he danced around her joyously.
Kyoya came over and adjusted his glasses, he seemed to give her an uncaring look but she notice a small smile on his lips.
“Uh, Sempai why am I dressed like this? Is it a running deal that you guys dress me like a girl for the last festival of the year?” she asked and everyone laughed slightly remembering the year when Tamaki was an idiot and almost left them.
Kyoya was the one to answer. ” Ahem, it gets alot of service from the girls so do it for them.” with that he turned and walked out of the club room. Everyone followed heading out to the festival grounds. ” Everyone can walk around for an hour but make sure your at the ceremony to give the awards to the students.” said Kyoya as he headed that way, this year he was handing out several of the awards himself.”
The twins latched on to Haruhi . “Let’s walk around together!”
“Oh okay.” she said turning to watch Kyoya walk into the large assemble building. Tamaki was hopelessly flirting with some girls at a takoyaki stand. They saw Mori and Hunni walking around visiting from the college.
The twins dragged Haruhi around showing her the stuff this year. All the people they pasted by commented how cute she was and it was too bad she wasn’t a real girl. Haruhi was slightly embarrassed for some reason.
The hour pasted quickly and they all headed to the assembly hall. Kyoya stood there giving a speech about this years accomplishments and how he was glad to be graduating from such a school in the late spring. He handed out a few awards and then he gave the closing speech. During this time the Twins picked Haruhi up from her seat and ran backstage where they set her down. Mori, Hunni, Tamaki and the twins all stood there smiling.
“What’s going on guys?” she asked.
“You’ll see Haruhi.” said Tamaki who held one of her hands and gave her a warm smile.

“And so I would like to congratulate all the students who received awards this year and hope everyone will keep doing their best.” Kyoya cleared his throat. “And now I would like to make one more announcement.”
That was there cue, the twins and Tamaki pushed Haruhi on stage. They all walked on standing to the side, with their arms crossed and grins on their faces. “Wha…I don’t understand…” Haruhi looked around franticly not knowing what was going on, she saw her Dad in the audience who was giving her a thumbs up.
Kyoya held out his hand towards her. “Haruhi would you come over here please?”
She looked back at the guys and they motioned for her to do as he said. She walked towards him in the center of the stage. She could hear the students in the crowd whispering they seemed as confused as she did. Once she got to Kyoya he grabbed her hand and looked down at her. After a moment he looked at the crowd again. ” I would like to inform you that Haruhi Fujioka is a female.”
The crowds whispering got loader as everyone was trying to wrap their heads around what he just said. Haruhi looked up at him. “Kyoya! What are you doing?”
He smiled.” I’m telling everyone the truth.” he cleared his throat. “Yes, it’s true she is a female student. We apologize that we have been lying to all of you for so long but she posed as a male for certain reasons that couldn’t be helped.” He turned to her now and kneeled down on one knee so he could look up at her, he held her hand and placed his other hand over hers holding it gently. “Haruhi Fujioka would you please become my fiancé and do me the honor of becoming my wife soon.”
The world seemed to stop, everyone was silent. Haruhi looked around, the crowd of students were watching intently, her dad was smiling softly, she turned to look at the other members of the host club they nodded and smiled. She looked back at Kyoya, tears began to form in her eyes.
“Yes, I would be very happy too.” she said her voice wavering from emotion. Everyone broke into cheers and applause, they audience stood clapping and her dad did the same but wiping tears way from his face not wanting to mess up his make up.
Kyoya smiled and grabbed her around the waist holding her up, his eyes sparkled as he looked at his bride to be. The other hosts joined them center stage and patted them on the backs. After the festival they all met in music room 3.
Tamaki held up a glass of sparkling champagne. “A toast to Kyoya and Haruhi!” Everyone toasted and laughed. Haruhi wiped her eyes and looked around the room at all their faces.
“I don’t understand how did you guys…?
Hunni jumped over to her smiling widely. “Kyoya called us together a few days ago and told us.”
Hikaru laughed. “We were all a little surprised but we all kind of knew.” Kaoru nodded.
Tamaki looked at her fondly. “Kyoya asked for our assistance and we were more than happy to give it, after all were a family.” Haruhi stepped toward him wrapping her arms around him giving him a tight hug.
“Thank you Tamaki.” she said dropping the sempai for the first time. “It means so much to me that all of you helped, Im very happy.” she sniffled trying  not to cry. Tamaki placed his arms around her.
” If your happy then were happy too, don’t you know we all care about you so much, our little princess.”
Haruhi looked up at him with a smile then released him turning to Kyoya who had a grin on his face. She walked over to him and he placed his hand on the side of her face. ” I know we will have to wait till you graduate next year but it will be okay.”
She nodded. ” Yes, I don’t mind waiting Kyoya.”
He smiled and leaned down kissing her infront of everyone. She was so happy, she was happy to have met them all and happy to have been able to do all the things that they did together.
They would live, and play happily ever after.

Chapter 4 ( Love conqures all right?)
Haruhi walked down Ourans halls, she looked down at the yellow dress she now wore everyday. Since Kyoya revealed that she was a female she figured going around like a boy was redundant. As she passed people they would smile and say hello, she of course said hello back and kept walking. Some of the girls, in fact the girls she once entertained as a host ran up to her. One of them grabbed her arm playfully. “Haruhi! You look so cute in that dress!”  one shouted the others all nodded and agreed.
“Ah…thank you.” said Haruhi, since coming out as a girl she got more easily embarrassed for some reason. They all talked as they headed to their class room.
She entered and was of course greeted by the twins immediately.
“Haru-chan that uniform suits you much better.” they said nodded thoughtfully.
She looked down . “You think so? It was nice of Kyoya to buy me this uniform.” she smiled thinking about him.
She sat in her desk and gazed out the window, she looked down at the simple but elegant diamond ring on her left hand, she smiled fondly. She wondered what Kyo-kun was up to. “Haruhi?” She sighed thinking about everything.
“Haruhi Fujioka?” she was pulled back by the teachers voice. She looked around.
“Yes?” she asked a little flustered.
The teacher who had walked in their class smiled kindly. “Would you please come with me Ms.Fujioka?”
Haruhi nodded and quickly followed the teacher, as they reached the office she saw Kyoya standing there looking at his watch, when Haruhi walked up he looked up at her with a soft smile that seemed a little strained. “Ah there you are, we need to get going. The car is already outside waiting.”
Haruhi looked up at him questioningly .” Huh, Kyoya where are we going?”
He ushered her forward. “I told you and your father about it last week remember? We are going to meet my father for lunch.”
Her eye’s widened ” Ah, I remember now.”
Kyoya chuckled. “Your so forgetful.” he flicked her on the forehead. When they reached the car he opened the door for her and she slid into the expensive car. He slid in next to her and put his arm around her shoulders. As they headed to the lunch spot he stared out the window deep in thought Haruhi watched him with a growing fondness. She sighed and folded her hands in her lap trying to calm her nerves. She had spoken to Kyoya’s father once before, and that’s when she told him off at the cultural festival, he didn’t even respond.
They pulled up to the exclusive gardens owned by the Ootori family. The car stopped and Kyoya helped Haruhi out of the car and led her to a back pavilion where a lovely spread was set up. Ootori-san was sitting eloquently in one of the chairs, he looked up at them when they walked in, Haruhi thought he seemed to have a cold expression on his face. She stood straight and had what could almost be considered a defiant look. Ootori stood as they approached.
” Kyoya you finally decide to join me.” he looked down at Haruhi then sat down and began eating. Haruhi looked over to see Kyoya clench his fist she nugged him and he loosened slightly. They sat down and were served their meal, Haruhi looked down taking bites of the different foods and deciding which ones were the best. She had apparently zoned out because she was brought back by a glass being knocked off the table. Her eyes shot up to see Kyoya standing looking angry and Ootori looking disinterested. He stood and set his table napkin in his chair.
“Well then I have other engagements to attend to.” he turned to walk away. Haruhi stood as did Kyoya who grabbed his fathers sleeve.
“Father!” he shouted, Ootori turned around looking at him. Kyoya continued. ” Father…you…you will acknowledge this girl as my bride, even if you don’t do anything else you will acknowledge her! I don’t care if I don’t succeed you, I have her and that’s all I need.”
Haruhi walked around the table and placed her hands on his arm getting him to release his father. She looked up at Ootori.
He sighed and looked like he was about to slap Kyoya for the disrespect when he did something that surprised everyone, he clapped and smiled. ” Well done Kyoya, you pass.”
Kyoya looked at him his eye brows furrowed confused. Ootori looked at him coolly. ” I wanted to see if you had truly found it, the thing in which to work for, or even live for. Standing up to me for her sake shows that you have grown into a fine young man.” He turned to Haruhi. ” Ms.Fujioka I hope you will forgive my rudeness, it’s been awhile since we have seen one another, the last time I saw you, you stood up for Kyoya and his decisions. You are strong willed, im glad to be welcoming you into the Ootori family.” he bowed slightly then did the same to Kyoya. ” I would like you to know that when you graduate in a month I will be signing over the company to you.” with that he stood straight and walked away towards his car to be taken to his next engagements.
Haruhi watched him go then looked up at Kyoya who’s face was twitching slightly, his lip quivered. Haruhi put her arms gently around him, he lowly put his hands on her back. A tear escaped his eye and fell down his face.
“I…can’t believe it, that was the first time…he ever smiled at something I did…” Haruhi hugged him tighter.
“Kyoya I love you.”
He hugged her tight then leaned down scooping her up in his arms. ” Haruhi your my reason to live.”

~~~~10 years later~~~~

Haruhi sat at her desk sorting through some cases, she leaned back in her chair and took her glasses off to rub the bridge of her nose. ” I can’t wait till our trip…” she said to herself. She stared up at the ceiling before putting her glasses back on and getting back to work.
She heard the door open, without hesitation she put the papers down and ran to the front entrance of her house. Kyoya was standing there putting his doctors coat on the hooks. He turned seeing her a smile spreading across his face. She glomped him tightly. “Welcome home darling!” She looked up and he kissed her forehead.
“I’m glad to be home Mrs.Ootori, how was your day? Make any head way in those cases?”
Haruhi nodded with a smile. “It was fine, yes I know just what to do. We are going to win this one!” she gave him a thumbs up just like her mother used to give to her.
He chuckled ruffling her hair, he stopped to look around almost expectantly for something.
Haruhi giggled. “They’re with Tamaki.”
“Oh” said Kyoya running his hand through his hair. “I hope he hasn’t gotten them in any trouble.”
“Hey! I heard that!” They both turned to see Tamaki standing in the door way with that always dazzling smile. He was holding Kotoko their 6 year old girl who was named after Haruhi’s late mother. Holding his hand was their youngest Tama-kun who they named after who other than the host king who had in a way brought them together, he was 4 this year.
When they saw their daddy Tamaki set down Kotoko and they both ran to Kyoya hugging his legs lovingly. Haruhi went to Tamaki and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for watching them for the day.”
Tamaki laughed and waved his hand. “It was no problem, after all the life of a lawyer can be stressful, I will help in any way I can.”
Kyoya kissed both his children’s foreheads. Kotoko looked just like her father except she had her mothers large brown eyes, Tama-kun looked like Haruhi but with his fathers dark hair. “Did you two have fun?” he asked them.
Kotoko nodded enthusiastically ” Yes papa, Uncle Tamaki took us to the zoo!” she smiled happily and Tama-kun did the same.
Kyoya looked up at Tamaki. “Thanks dear friend, with me at the hospital and Haruhi in court we have been worried that they would get lonely but thanks to you and the twins thier having fun.”
Haruhi went and stood next to Kyoya her hand grabbing his. She looked at Tamaki fondly. “Yes, it means alot to us. I’m very excited to go to Okinawa with everyone.”
Tamaki nodded, his eyes sparkling, he put his hand to his face giving a thinking pose. “Ah yes, it will be quite splendorous if I do say so myself.”

Kyoya and his family got off the private jet and headed to the private beach that he owned. They pulled up seeing everyone at the beach chatting and playing around.
Kyoya laughed holding his children’s floats and the umbrella. “It’s just like old times huh? Though this time your a girl.” he winked at Haruhi who smiled. The kids took off towards everyone. ” Uncle Hikaru, Kaoru! Mori-sama! Hunni-kun! Tamaki!” They laughed as they ran to them. Everyone ran over greeting them then looking over at thier parents who were walking towards them.
Mori had his wife, a very cute and quite woman, the twins had their girlfriends who were in fact twins themselves. Everyone always kept an eye on the two sets of twins making sure they didn’t get up to their old nonsense in front of the children.
They all played and talked on the beach, they talked about old times, funny stories and what they had been up to recently. They watched the sunset together and it was as it should be. Haruhi grabbed Kyoya’s hand tightly, she looked up at him and mouthed “I love you.” he smiled and did the same kissing her sweetly, she leaned on him and they watched the waves with their family, their whole family.

Love in the time of Tribbles

To my Captian~

I’ve travled through the Galaxy wide and far
Searching and searching for that one star,
I don’t need a 400 person crew
All I need is me and you
By your side is where i’ll stand
On adventures hand in hand
There is nothing we can not do
Together we could conqure the Kobayashi Maru
Exploring new places and having fun
No matter what you are my Sun
The words I speak hold no lies
You are my one and only Enterprise.
First Officer Chey’enne