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~Snack Time Heaven~

Two of these items are the best things ive eaten, so good!

~Unboxing the April Doki Doki Crate~

Have any of you gotten the doki doki crate yet? What did you think about the goodies inside? What has been your favorite item? Let me know in the comments! ‚̧

~Trying Umaibo~

My daughter and I have been wanting to try the ageless popular Japanese snack called Umaibo which translates as “delicious stick”. There are many different flavors and what they basically are is cylindrical corn puffs seasoned. Here we try each one and find out what we think of them. ¬†Spoiler alert: some of them are NOT good =_=.

~Korean Bakery~

On my last trip back home to Texas, my little sister and I went to a largely Korean part of Dallas and found a lot of really neat things. In a large shopping center focused around the well known Korean market H-mart we spotted a Mozart Bakery and went inside. It was set up like a lot like Korean bakeries you would see in Korea. There were lots of things to choose from and it was fun just looking at everything and picking out what we were going to try.

Korean Make-up and Skincare reveiws