Homeschool Tools

I’ve been homeschooling for two years now covering 6th and 8th grade (7th grade we tried the local school since we moved but…no lol) I learned so much after the first year that the second year has been a breeze! Here I will post some tips and tricks and even some fun things like activities for all ages!

Q&A Home School Pt.1 - Do you have any other questions about Home School? Let me know about them in the comments!
Reading Rewards With My Daughter - My daughter and I both LOVE to read. I think it is very important, no matter how old you are to pick up a book any time you can. At the start of this home school year I decided to use my blank entry door as a backdrop for a reading reward idea I had. […]
Money Saving Resources for Home School - Home Schooling can be expensive. In the state I live in you have to be under a Cover School to be able to Home School and to be under an accredited one you usually have to pay tuition which I do. So between: tuition to be covered in my state, the text books, novels, experiments, […]
Homeschool: When the teacher needs a break! - Homeschooling can be super stressful! After all you are responsible for a small persons education and future, if that doesn’t bring on bouts of anxiety then what will? After a two years of homeschooling a pre-teen/teen I think one of the most important things is to make sure you take a break! If you are […]
~8 tips for Homeschooling~ - There are many reasons to homeschool and many different approaches. Homeschooling is not easy, the thought of your child’s education resting solely on your shoulders is quite frankly terrifying. At the same time though because it is your child you know you will fight harder for them than anyone else. Here are some of my […]

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