Who doesn’t love food? I love having food adventures and trying new things from: candy and snacks from around the world, new recipes, famous eatery’s etc. I often go to world markets and make it a priority to get at least two new things i’ve never had to try. Here I will take you along on food adventures!

~Travel Bear: Food and Drink at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter~ - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure is filled with a treasure trove of amazing eats for sure.  From the shelves of candy straight from the story to the savory food that makes you feel like you are in the UK. Lets start with the candy. If you’re like […]
~Travel Bear: Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium at Universal’s City Walk~ - So this past week I celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary with my Husband by going to Orlando, Florida for a few days. We drove in from Northern Alabama and got to where we were staying (The Cabana Bay Resort) around dinner time. I had found this amazing place at Universal’s City Walk called the […]
~Trying Mexican Candy pt.2~ - Oh man the candy we consumed were not at all good. Our tummys were upset for a few hours after trying all these >_<
Trying Mexican Candy >0< - Me and my daughter decided to branch away from the mostly Asian candy and snacks we try and let’s just say it was an experience. It is so interesting to me the different cultures and what tastes are normal and good to them. 90% of the things we tried were neither normal or good to […]
~Strawberry Love~ - I love Strawberry chocolates and candies from Japan. What ever strawberry flavoring they use is so different than what is in our candy and it is so much better. The first time I had anything strawberry from Japan was when I was young and I got to try Strawberry Pocky, it was so good and […]
~TravelBear~ The Absinthe Room - On my recent trip to Memphis TN I had the pleasure of visiting “The Absinthe Room” on Beale Street where I got to try three different brands of Absinthe and enjoy the neat atmosphere. It was really cool getting to watch the process of serving Absinthe and see the color change from the beginning to […]
~Snack Time Heaven~ - Two of these items are the best things ive eaten, so good!
~Unboxing the April Doki Doki Crate~ - Have any of you gotten the doki doki crate yet? What did you think about the goodies inside? What has been your favorite item? Let me know in the comments! ❤
Let’s Try: Meiji Biscuits! - Recently I found a few different flavors of Meiji Biscuits I have never had before! If you ever see them check them out!
~Trying Umaibo~ - My daughter and I have been wanting to try the ageless popular Japanese snack called Umaibo which translates as “delicious stick”. There are many different flavors and what they basically are is cylindrical corn puffs seasoned. Here we try each one and find out what we think of them.  Spoiler alert: some of them are […]
~Trying Dragon Fruit~ - Not long ago my sister and I went to H-mart which if you didn’t know is a very common Korean Market in the states. One of the first things you notice is all the interesting produce when you walk in. There are so many fruits and vegetables that you may not have ever seen or […]
~Korean Bakery~ - On my last trip back home to Texas, my little sister and I went to a largely Korean part of Dallas and found a lot of really neat things. In a large shopping center focused around the well known Korean market H-mart we spotted a Mozart Bakery and went inside. It was set up like […]
~Trying McCol’s soda~ - My little sister and I found the infamous McCol’s soda and gave it a try! Have you ever had it before? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!
~Ichigo Matsuri~ - Not too long ago I got to go to Memphis Tennessee with a friend to visit a large international market. While there I saw several Japanese Strawberry Festival stands that had strawberry flavored everything! Strawberry chocolates and cookies and chips galore! I love Meiji strawberry chocolates, so I was super happy with this find, my only problem was […]
Korean Sweet Pancake (Hotteok) - Hotteok is a very popular Korean street food and consists of a wheat dough filled with a sugary filling then placed on a grill and fried up into a little pancake. I have seen them in so many street food videos and have wanted to try them so badly, I finally found a box mix […]
~Asian Snacks Round two~ - I have been trying lots of new snacks lately, these are just a few! Have you tried any of these? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments. 🙂
Treats from the market :3 - So at my last visit to the Asian Market I picked a new Ice cream from Korea and it was so good! Very much like snow cream! I LOVE Calpico drinks, the strawberry and the Lychee are the best! This is Honey Citron tea and it is amazing, its good hot or cold and is […]
Korean Ice Cream (Is amazing) - So recently when I’ve been going to the Korean Market I’ve been trying a different ice cream each time. So the Samanco ice cream was Amazing! It is a little fish shaped thin bread filled with a soft vanilla ice cream and a layer of sweet red bean paste. It was one of the best […]
Delish Korean food! - I went to a Korean restaurant recently to start trying different dishes, this trip I got Bibimbap served on a hot plate. There was a lot of different things in the dish like :Rice, bean sprouts, seaweed, mushrooms, rice, a type or jelly, a egg and a few other things. Its served all nicely and […]

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