Learn About Me

Hi everyone! This page will have my more personal blog posts and videos that let you know a little bit about the person behind Kawaiihousewife or certain things I feel some kind of way about.


January 2018 Update - Hi everyone! I hope everyone has had a good year so far and are making lots of good goals and plans for this new year. I know I myself have been taking the first few weeks of the new year to think about what I want to accomplish and goals to set.  I am in […]
Serious Topic: Infertility. - This video may be a bit rambley but I don’t often talk about this aspect and I think that people should a little more. I have watched many people go through infertility and I myself have gone through it and would like to start an ongoing conversation. I think with more understanding and support it […]
Serious Post- Tragedy - We have seen so much tragedy the past few weeks and it has left me in a constant state of thought. Ive read peoples statuses and articles and have been so glad to see such support from most everyone (though there are still a sprinkling of rotten people). The Pulse massacre in Orlando broke my […]

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