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Hi everyone! This page will have my more personal blog posts and videos that let you know a little bit about the person behind Kawaiihousewife or certain things I feel some kind of way about.


~Late to the game Podcast listening~ - The past few years have shown an ever growing interest in Podcasts and as the years pass by there is something for everyone. I have always enjoyed listening to audio books while traveling and working around the house. Sometimes you don’t want to make a commitment to a 20-30 hour book however and that is […]
~Goodbye 2018… 2019 please be gentle with me.~ - Wow, this last year has been an absolutely wild one for sure. We started 2018 with an amazing trip to “Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter”for my 5th year wedding anniversary with my spouse and it really was a fantastic trip. We got to explore every last bit of the wizarding world and then […]
~October Adventures Ramble~ - Finally it is October! This is most likely my households favorite month out of the year. We decorate the house in spooky things like webs, spiders and pumpkins.   We make time to watch a different scary movie every night of the month and it really is a fun family time. My step-daughter is now […]
January 2018 Update - Hi everyone! I hope everyone has had a good year so far and are making lots of good goals and plans for this new year. I know I myself have been taking the first few weeks of the new year to think about what I want to accomplish and goals to set.  I am in […]
Serious Topic: Infertility. - This video may be a bit rambley but I don’t often talk about this aspect and I think that people should a little more. I have watched many people go through infertility and I myself have gone through it and would like to start an ongoing conversation. I think with more understanding and support it […]
Serious Post- Tragedy - We have seen so much tragedy the past few weeks and it has left me in a constant state of thought. Ive read peoples statuses and articles and have been so glad to see such support from most everyone (though there are still a sprinkling of rotten people). The Pulse massacre in Orlando broke my […]

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