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~Travel Bear: Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium at Universal’s City Walk~


So this past week I celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary with my Husband by going to Orlando, Florida for a few days. We drove in from Northern Alabama and got to where we were staying (The Cabana Bay Resort) around dinner time. I had found this amazing place at Universal’s City Walk called the Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen that gave me Wonka Steam Punk feels and knew that would be our first stop on our Anniversary adventure.


The factory look of the restaurant was so neat and the decor was Steam Punk inspired with lots of cools things to look at while you are being led to you table and as you sit. There were so many options for food, drinks and of course massive decadent desserts.


I ordered the Vegetable Press which was a warm sandwich with roasted vegetables, portobello mushrooms, arugula pesto, gruyère and dill harvarti cheeses, on cranberry herb artisan bread. It was so good! Everything about my food was amazing and delicious. My Husband ordered the Vegetable Garganelli that had italian penne pasta, seasonal vegetables, garlic, and white wine. We could have shared either one of these dishes as they were fairly large and filling and so so good.


As we sat eating and enjoying the atmosphere we watched some of the most glorious desserts going by, milkshakes with cupcakes and cookies out the top, chocolate everything and so much more. If you want to come here for just dessert there is an area you can do just that!


Attached to the restaurant is a amazing gift shop/sweet shop. There was countless artisan chocolates, macarons, cakes and other sweet things in cases you can get to take back to your hotel or to enjoy right there. There are t-shirts, packaged candy and steam punk accessories to buy as well. It is lots of fun to really walk around and look at everything in detail.


Going to the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium was definitely the right way to start our adventure and we will for sure go here again.



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~Strawberry Love~

I love Strawberry chocolates and candies from Japan. What ever strawberry flavoring they use is so different than what is in our candy and it is so much better. The first time I had anything strawberry from Japan was when I was young and I got to try Strawberry Pocky, it was so good and reminded me of strawberry nesquik milk. Whenever I go to any of the Asian marketsI am always on the lookout for Strawberry chocolates, usually only finding the little appolon cone chocolates.

In april and may however is when there are strawberry fastivals around the  nation and the markets stock a vast array of Japanese strawberry themed treats from: chocolates, cookies, snack cakes, and hard or chewy candies. I always love going this time of year because it is the only time I really stock up on alot of treats.

Ember and I tried all the new candies this year together and had a fun time!

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What is your favorite kind of candy? Let me know in the comments!




~Ichigo Matsuri~

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Not too long ago I got to go to Memphis Tennessee with a friend to visit a large international market. While there I saw several Japanese Strawberry Festival stands that had strawberry flavored everything! Strawberry chocolates and cookies and chips galore! I love Meiji strawberry chocolates, so I was super happy with this find, my only problem was that I wanted to get everything. After some thought, I was able to pick out a handful of treats to try and share with my family.

The Japanese strawberry Oreo’s were super good and after seeing several of the Asian Oreo’s online I was excited to have found some at the market. It was a chocolate covered cookie stick that had pieces of real dried strawberries (or at least that is what it tasted like). A plus to this bag was that each little cookie comes individually wrapped which is always nice, so you don’t have to worry about any going stale.

The Meiji chocolate cookies were incredible, a great strawberry taste and altogether splendid cookie. This was most likely my favorite of all the things I got.

The Galbo Mini’s were pretty good but not my favorite, they were a harder chocolate covered in a strawberry coating and had an interesting crunch to them.

The Strawberry mochi (Ichigo daifuku) are one of my family’s favorite treat ever, we always look forward to the snack stand at the Anime Conventions we go to, so we can buy as many packages as we are able. The soft glutinous rice mocha covers a marshmallow and strawberry flavored jelly inside. They are chewy and just fantastic.

Lastly, the Furuta Chocolates were fairly good as well though in my opinion nothing special.

Have you ever had any of these? What did you think about them? Let me know in the comments!