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First Impressions ~Detroit: Become Human~


“Detroit: Become Human” is a: make choices that affect the story adventure game for the PS4. It was developed by: Quantic Dream , published by: Sony Interactive Entertainment , directed by: David Cage , and was released in May 2018.

A few years ago I played “Life is Strange” and right away fell in love with this indie feeling adventure style of game. The story drew you in and you easily fell into the role of the characters all the while enjoying the amazing sound track and settings. The moment I finished “Life is Strange” I wanted another game in this style right away. Fast forward a year or so and while doing a regrettable mud run 5k one of my friends started telling me about this game that was about to come out.

He started telling me about this game that was choice based and there were countless endings and consequences with a bad ass Sci-fi theme involving Androids. Just listening to him I knew I was absolutely wanting to play this game. When the game came out he played through it and then let me borrow it with the stipulation that my first play through he can join on share play and watch me go through. Two of his brothers had played it at this point too and between the three of them the possibility of outcomes was truly impressive. Everyone had different scenes, story details and more, making the replay value high.

From my first play session my first impression was that this game was beautiful. Beautiful settings and aesthetic all around with a dystopian  feel at the same time.  Interesting music, characters and oh so many choices.

The game follows three androids that each have a unique life and story set at the same time. You play through switching between the three androids in chapters, as the chapters progress there starts to be more overlapping aspects as the stories converge. You can walk around calmly at times and explore while other times you have to make quick choices and button presses for quick time events. There were times I felt relaxed and times where I was sure I was on the verge of a heart attack.

As I played through my friend was shocked by how different my play through was compared to his. He made friends where I made enemies, I went places that he did not and various other differences that made watching it like a new interesting movie. The game had a good flow, and took around 10 hours for a full play through. There is a large replay value to see different outcomes for sure. I would absolutely recommend this game to anyone who likes this style or wants to try something new.


Have you played this game already? What did you think of it? Have any other recommendations on similar games? Let me know in the comments!


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