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~TravelBear~ The Absinthe Room

On my recent trip to Memphis TN I had the pleasure of visiting “The Absinthe Room” on Beale Street where I got to try three different brands of Absinthe and enjoy the neat atmosphere.

It was really cool getting to watch the process of serving Absinthe and see the color change from the beginning to the end. I am not a fan of licorice but I found this drink growing on me as I sipped my first glass of it.

Have you ever tried Absinthe? What did you think of it? Where did you have it? Let me know about it in the comments!

Treats from the market :3

New phone pics 205

So at my last visit to the Asian Market I picked a new Ice cream from Korea and it was so good! Very much like snow cream!

New phone pics 221

I LOVE Calpico drinks, the strawberry and the Lychee are the best!

New phone pics 208

This is Honey Citron tea and it is amazing, its good hot or cold and is soothing and delicious!