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Travel Bear ~Pokemon World Championship Nashville, TN 2018~


The Pokemon World Championships happened this last August 24th-26th in Nashville, TN and I was able to go for the first time ever since it was so close. I remember seeing all the posts on social media of the championships in Anaheim, CA in 2017 and thought it looked like such a fun experience. When they announced that this years was less than 2 hours away we knew we had to go.



Entry for the spectator badges was $10 for which you got entry lanyards and 3 booster packs of the latest sets. We found the venue easily and set out to explore. While we walked around everyone was playing Pokemon GO on their phones, there were so many stops and everything was lured the entire weekend. There were also special Pokemon available in that area while the championship was going on for Pokemon GO and the 3DS games.

The Worlds Championship had two main areas: The Pokemon Center and the Tournament room. The Pokemon Center was filled  with exclusive official items that had the Nashville designs, as well as many items that can be found on the online store. It was really cool to be able to see several things in person that I had already been wanting to buy online.

The Tournament room was held in a huge conference room and was filled with tables and chairs sectioned off for each individual tournament. There was TCG (trading card game) championships, VG (video game) Ultra Sun and Moon championships, Pok’ken tournaments and several side events for spectators to take part in. There was areas dedicated to: trading, “Let’s Go Pikachu and Evee” demo playing, coloring stations, roblox building, arcade area and a small food and drink area.


We walked around to look at everything and to watch different matches. It was really cool to see players from all over the world playing this one game that brought thousands of people together. While we were there we were interviewed by the “Let’s Go Pikachu/Evee” PR team and got to play the demo using the PokeBall controller and we all enjoyed it quite a bit. It was cool watching others watch matches, people were really into it and when they would break out into gasps or applause it was exciting.


It was a fun experience for all of us on the whole. We were glad to be able to go and see how it went and are thinking more about trying to qualify to play in a future championship. Next years Championship has been announced to be taking place in Washington DC.

Have you ever been to a Worlds Championship? How was your experience? What is your favorite Pokemon? Let me know in the comments!



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~Cubic Castles a gem of a game~

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It’s been a few months now since my family and I have been playing the online indi game Cubic Castles, you can find this game on its website as well as on Steam. We’ve had quite an enjoyable time playing and have been able to play with all sorts of fun players as well as my youngest step-daughter who lives far away. It is a game that My husband, myself and my daughter who lives with us can all play together and enjoy.

We have always been big into Minecraft and have been for going on 5 years now but sometimes it has been nice to stray away and find something new for awhile. I suppose that is what this is though it seems that it will have our attention for quite some time as we are becoming more and more involved and invested in the game.

There are many items you can buy and craft and many aspects to the game such as adventure and parkour realms that will frustrate you and make your hands sweat at times, to opening shops to sell items to other players. You can build whatever you want with lots of options for décor and lots of room for creativity. There is something for everyone and everyone likes to do different things in the game.

It is fun meeting players from around the world and having fun with them. Many of the players are older kids to teens but there are all ages sprinkled throughout. It is a fun community and you should definitely check it out 🙂

Do you play Cubic Castles? What do you think about the game? Let me know in the comments. ^_^