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~First Impressions: Stranger Things~

This last month brought forth an AMAZING Netfllix Original Series “Stranger Things” and the social medias have been reeling from it. After seeing so many great things on Twitter and Facebook I had to check this series out.My hubby and I sat down one evening and pressed play, I must say no regrets. From the first episode we were hooked. My husband was a child in the 80’s and so he really appreciated the many throwbacks and references to 80’s movies, games and other pop culture.

This series embodied many of the best things from some of our favorite movies like: “Alien”, “Aliens”, “The Thing”, “Stand By Me” and many others. Every episode was good and the end of each one left us wanting more. The young cast did a fantastic job and pretty much out shined any of the older actors. You defiantly form favorites.

The series was good throughout and has a lot of possibility for a continue of greatness in the next season. There are so many things that could be explored and touched upon. I eagerly await the next season, it could not get here fast enough.

What did you think of this series? Who was your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

New series I am looking forward to

There are so many new anime series that have just come out or are coming out that I am very much looking forward to. Here is a list of the top 4 series I am excited for after having been a fan of the manga:

  1. First Love Monster: This series is about a high school girl who is normally spoiled and coddled, she is rescued by a young man who is the first person to scold her and so she falls for him instantly. This story has a lot of quirky characters and a few twists that complicate this first love.
  2. The Morose Mononokean: This story has spirits and demons and mysteries under the surface concerning the main characters. There is humor and seriousness that has a fairly good balance.
  3. Sweetness and Lightning: A father and his daughter live day to day after losing their wife and mother. They meet a young girl who starts helping them with learning how to cook more food and to open up more to others. There are lots of cute scenes and lots of yummy looking foods so don’t watch if your hungry!
  4. Orange: This series is alot more complicated and serious in my opinion than the others. It centers around a group of friends who receive letters from their future selves in order to try and prevent a tragedy concerning one of their friends. Lots of emotions run high in this story but it is a beautiful story where friendship is very important.

~First Impressions: Anne-Happy~

I am usually drawn to anime series like this with large eyed colorful characters that are in a word MOE. This anime is quirky in many senses but is also a simple joy to watch with little stress. You follow a group of girls who are all very unlucky in different ways. Each of them has entered a new school and in their class the main goal for the year is- to be happy and over come their misfortune.

Some of the misfortunes are wacky and silly but it is fun to watch this cast  of girls deal with each situation.

Have you watched this series? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

K-pop The Ultimate Audition (aka Extream Survival)

This series came out in 2012 and aired 14 episodes. It has recently been put on Netflix so I decided to check it out. My first impression of the story was that is was very much like “You’re Beautiful” however much more awkward. Some of the characters are just not as likeable and seem a little off compared to many other dramas.

It follows a girl Sueng-Yeon who plays classical piano because of her parents wishes, she however has a deep love for hiphop type music and fails a test at the classical school she was attending. She isn’t able to return home to her parents for fear of the trouble she will be in and instead decides she is going to do what she wants. She helps her close friend get into a band in training that he has always wanted to be in, she gets in too even though its a boy band.

The juniors have to deal with the sweet on the outside M2 band leader Woo Hyun who is selfish and cruel in attitude. He and Sueng-Yeon have several clashes. From the beginning you know that Woo Hyun is going to be the jerk who softens because of the heroine and you grow to like him. However my impression was “Im not sure if he will ever be very likeable”. There are a lot of rushed through storys and many things that aren’t explained.

I wasn’t super impressed with this series but I didn’t dislike it.

Have you watched this series? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

The Heirs

This Korean Drama came out in late 2013 and consists of 20 episodes. It stars a fantastic cast which includes: Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin and several others who did an amazing job.

Cha Eun-sang is a poor high school girl who lives with her mute mother, they both work very hard just to get by. Cha Eun-sangs sister has gone to America and Cha Eun-sang follows her only to catch her in several lies that hurts her very much and she is left alone in a foreign land. After she gets into some trouble Kim Tan a boy around the same age helps her out and they get to know each other over a few days. He lives in the lap of luxury and just plays around not taking things seriously. Very quickly he begins to fall for Eun-sang but has to say goodbye as her best friend comes to save her and help her get back to Korea. They figure there is no way they will ever see each other again and their days together were simply a dream.

Back in Korea Eun-sangs mother has moved in to be a live-in maid for her employers, the Jeguk company’s head. Eun-sang has to live there as well and help out while also holding 2 jobs and study for school. The Father of the family is ill and lives with his 1st son who is the standing CEO of the company, and his Mistress who is basically trapped in this large house. The 2nd son returns from over seas from his enforced banishment to be back home with his family. Of course it is Kim Tan who is the illegitimate child of the Jeguk group but is registered as the child of the legal wife. His brother Won fears that he will try to take the company from him and is very bitter and hateful towards Tan even though Tan loves him above everyone else. Won moves out angry that Tan has gone against his wishes and returned home.

Tan quickly finds out that he is living with Eun-sang and sees his chance. Eun-sang gets put in the Jeguk’s group private school and thrown into a world of privileged, spoiled, bratty teenagers. She becomes the point of affection for not only Tan but his rival and former best friend Choi Young-do. Young-do is the Heir to a large Hotel and is very cruel and rough most likely because of his bitterness towards his horrible abusive father and that his mother ran away years before. He resents Tan thinking it’s his fault for missing his last chance to see his mother and so takes it upon himself to constantly harass Eun-sang. It is quickly seen that he does have real feelings for Eun-sang but doesn’t really know how to show them and so he acts out and does bad things just to get her attention.

Eun-sang has to deal with the hierarchy of the school and because of Tan has to lie about her place in the ranks so she wont be picked on. She has to deal with Rachel, Tan’s fiancé who is a big b**ch. Everyone is all tied together in this small world of Heirs. There are arranged marriages, company marriages, love triangles, affairs, relationships, servitude and several other connections. It’s a hard world to be thrown into when you are from a serving background and have to work every minute of everyday to live. Eun-sang has a rollercoaster time and drama is around every corner.

There is so much that happens in this series I couldn’t get enough of it and consumed it in just a few days. I loved the characters and the acting was great. This series defiantly has made it on the top 5 K-dramas list for me. My favorite character was Choi Young-do and I wanted him to catch a break sometime. He was a horrible person in the start but really evens out and is kind and helpful though still an ass much of the time. There were several background characters, all with stories and ties and I think it was very well written.

What did you think of this series? Who was your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

You’re Beautiful

Oh man this series is great. I kinda dropped off the drama scene for awhile but this one got me back in the game. This series broadcasted in 2009 and gained a pretty big fan base and also made Jang Kuen-suk’s career take off. “You’re Beautiful” consists of 16 episodes and has several well known kpop singers as part of the cast.

Go Mi-Nyeo is a nun in training and an orphan. She has a twin brother who is trying to become a famous singer to find their mother. Something happens and her brother isn’t able to go to his big break so after much coercion Go Mi-Nyeo becomes Go Mi-Nam and takes his place in hopes of finding their mom. She clashes with the lead singer Tae-kyung of the band she has joined. Tae-kyung is more than a bit rough around the edges, he seems obsessive compulsive and selfish and just a big butt. He has it out for Go Mi-Nam from the very beginning and it doesn’t take long to find out “his” secret.

While Tae-Kyung bullies Go Mi-Nam another band member, Shin-woo is kind and watches out for her from the get go. The last member is Jeremy who is not the brightest and doesn’t find out till much later that Go Mi-Nam is not a boy. They all grow closer and Tae-Kyung finds himself watching over her against his best wishes. The two of them are quite the comedy duo and you find yourself routing for them to stop being stupid and get together.

I squeed and laughed and may have teared up a few times. I couldn’t stop watching once I started and consumed the entire series in a few short days, I find myself going back to watch my favorite scenes over and over. The music was catchy and the sound was pretty good throughout, I’ve been wanting to get the OST since watching it.

Did you like this series? Who was your favorite band member? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Sword Art Online ~First Arc~

Originally a light novel written by Reki Kawahara it was adapted into an anime series in 2012. There are multiple arcs in the series and two separate seasons at the moment.

The first arc is Sword Art Online (SAO) and is the first virtual reality game that you watch the characters go through. It’s set in the perhaps not too distant future where there is something called a “Nerve Gear”. The Nerve Gear is a helmet that’s puts the person using it in a virtual reality world. You follow Kirito a player who got to beta test the game before the main launch. While logging in for the main launch all the players (a few thousand) find out that they are trapped in the game. If they die in game their real bodies will die in the real world, the only way to get out of the game and wake up is to beat all the levels and defeat the final boss. Kirito is a smart player and is early on branded a “Beater” a beta tester cheater. After some bad things happen he doesn’t like getting close to or joining up with other players. He meets Asuna a strong girl part of the Knights of the Bloodoath guild and there is a romance that develops between them. They are in the game for a little over 2 years. You meet many different players who all try to work together to be free of this virtual world.

I really liked this series, the virtual world aspect was neat and reminded me of a few different sci fi movies and books. I liked the real emotions of the players because you have to remember throughout that these are all real people somewhere trapped in a game. I liked the mmorpg set up as well. It came together and made a great story.I liked the characters and the relationships between them. I will admit I may have teared up a bit here and there. 6_6

I liked both main characters quite a bit. What did you think of the first arc? Who was your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

~Harvest Moon~ Blessed by the Harvest Goddess

Harvest moon is one of my favorite game series, it is truly addicting. The series debuted in 1996 and has been on several systems with many installments.  The series has had games on the: Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, GameCube, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS and the most recent games have been on the Nintendo 3DS. Since coming out in 1996 there has nearly been a new game in the series every year to every other year

The first one I was able to play was “Harvest Moon 64” followed by: “Friends of Mineral town”, “A Wonderful Life”, “More Friends of Mineral town” (holy crap you can be a girl! Yay>_<), “Another Wonderful Life” “Island of Happiness” “A Tale of Two Towns” and “A New Beginning”. I really liked both the “Wonderful Life” games for the GameCube and played them with my best friend constantly, trying to get the wife or husband we wanted and not lose any of our farm animals because i’ll admit the death scenes for the animals may have made us cry a little bit 6_6.

The main goal in the games is usually to take care and expand a farm you have some way or another come into living at, you grow various seasonal crops, take care of several different kinds of farm animals, make different products from said animals, building relationships with the towns people and find your choice wife or husband. You have a fulfilling and fun life building a home and a family. Besides the main idea of the game there are a few other plot lines in each game, usually there is something you need to accomplish for your new home and friends.

A few years ago there was another series that came from Natsume and was called “Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.” this game began a new series but had many of the aspects of “Harvest Moon” except replacing the normal animals with monsters and also throwing in the ability to fight off monsters and explore caves. It made a great game even better in my opinion, I love fantasy aspects and thought the various races in the town and in your suitor choices was neat and exciting. I liked the art work in these games a lot and have played all of the games in this series.

All of the “Harvest Moon” games are to me relaxing and a good stress releaver. It’s simple but not easy, you have to work hard to not let everything around you die. With proper work your farm life can thrive into something to be proud of.

Have you ever played any of the games in this series? Which is your favorite? What kind of Suitor do you go for? (I go for the ditzy girls or the guys who are kindof a jerk) Tell me about it in the comments!