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~October Adventures Ramble~

Finally it is October! This is most likely my households favorite month out of the year. We decorate the house in spooky things like webs, spiders and pumpkins.


We make time to watch a different scary movie every night of the month and it really is a fun family time. My step-daughter is now 16 so she is now old enough for most horror movies now which widened our choices by a lot. This year these are the movies we have watched and are planning on watching:

  1. The Brain  -1988-
  2. Before I wake -2016-
  3. The Shining -1980-
  4. The Evil Dead -1981-
  5. Night of the Comet -1984-
  6. The Stuff -1985-
  7. Seoul Station -2016-
  8. Pet Cemetery -1989-
  9. Hocus Pocus -1993-
  10. Corpse Bride -2005-
  11. The Craft -1996-
  12. Ernest Scared Stupid -1991-
  13. Battle Royal -2000-
  14. Train to Busan -2016-
  15. Creepshow 2 -1989-
  16. Slither -2006-
  17. The Hills Have Eyes -1977-
  18. Texas Chainsaw Massacre -1974-
  19. Hostel -2005-
  20. Practical Magic -1998-
  21. Jeepers Creepers -2001-
  22. Hereditary -2018-
  23. Coraline -2009-
  24. House -1985-
  25. Tales From the Crypt -1989–1996-
  26. Are you afraid of the Dark -1990–2000-

Halloween is my Husband and I’s Anniversary for when we became best friends 8 years ago. We met in September of 2010 and then worked together at a famous Haunted House in Texas all through October. The Haunting season is special to us and we think back on our days as Vampires and Ghouls fondly. This year my little sister who just graduated high school in June may be working at the same Haunted House, I hope she has a memorable and positive experience that she can look back on like we are able to.

This month I have been doing my Autumn deep clean of our home while decorating here and there. While cleaning I find it more productive to listen to podcasts and I have been on a kick of finding and partaking in ones that have a spook value to them. This month these are the podcasts I subscribe too:

  1. LORE by. Aaron Mahnke
  2. Unobscured by. Howstuffworks and Aaron Mahnke
  3. Cabinet of Curiosities by. Howstuffworks and Aaron Mahnke
  4. Creepy by. Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network


This is the first year I have participated in INKTOBER along with my daughter, we have found it a fun part of the day to work on our drawings and come up with ideas for the days prompts. Already we have learned a few tricks here and there and she has learned a lot in the last 4 days on what you should do to make things proportionate and  plan things out in advance to make things easier.

October is a busy month, our town has a county fair that comes in every year and there is also a town festival Octoberfest with all sorts of events.  As the weather changes I feel more comfortable and more likely to do comfort hobbies like crochet and read. I also get a bit of seasonal depression sadly and struggle a lot with being homesick this month as I live 600 miles away from my family and home base and I cant help but think about previous Octobers and adventures of old.

It will be 2 years tomorrow since I got on a plane and flew to South Korea to spend a few weeks seeing friends I hadn’t gotten to see in 7 years and have a adventure of a lifetime. The last two years have been rough with health issues getting worse, dealing with a lot of ennui after my trip and having many ups and downs with day to day life. Only recently have I felt like I am waking up from a half asleep nap and getting many things in order that were over due. I pulled out my sewing machine for the first time in over two years to work on some projects. I have started writing and drawing again after a time of blank mind.

This October is to be is a month of new beginnings, working on skills, organizing life and continuing to learn about myself in many  ways. I am excited to be moving forward and working towards my goals.

Do you like the month of October? Tell me why in the comments! What is your favorite scary movie? Favorite fall food?

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First Impressions: SCHOOL-LIVE

On first glance this looks like a slice of life, school anime centering around the ditzy and carefree Yuki, who lives with her friends in what she calls the School-live club. She goes about her school day slacking off in classes and talking with all her friends. The other three girls in the club: Kurumi who carries a shovel at all times, Yuri the president and the one who manages all the food, resources, and Miki, who is a year younger than the other girls, all watch over and protect Yuki. The truth is they are the only seeming survivors of a recent zombie virus outbreak, and Yuki has been so traumatized she has created the delusion that everything is normal.

It is so odd to watch because some things seem so happy and light but when you pan out there is a lot of morbid horror survival aspects that can leave a pit in your stomach. Everyone has their own stories and trials but they stick together and support each other as best they can in this crazy world they have found themselves. So far I like it and find it very interesting, it is defiantly one of those series you just want to keep watching to see what happens next.

Have you heard of or watched this series? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments! :}

My first TWITCH Live stream playing “Five nights at Freddy’s”

So a week or so ago I started live streaming on TWITCH for the first time and opened up with playing the popular horror game “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. It was my first time playing it, and I had fun though it was a little paranoia causing ha ha. Check out the videos for the highlights of the live stream!

Have you played this game? What was the first scare like for you? Tell me about it in the comments!

Parasyte -The Maxim-

Based on a manga from the late 1980’s and early 90’s this anime series began airing in Oct of 2014 and is currently ongoing to complete 24 episodes. I saw my little sister reading the manga not too long ago and so when I came across this anime on crunchyroll I read through the reviews (which are very humorous) and it was overall liked quite a lot.

The series begins as these alien parasites come to Japan and find hosts. Shinichi Izumi is sleeping as a parasite attacks him trying to get to his brain. After a struggle, the parasite fails and eats his hand instead living in it’s place as a morphing little monster. Shinichi has to learn to coexist with the Parasite he names Migi. They have to deal with several other parasites that deem them a danger to the parasite race since Shinichi is still human. He has to deal with his parents and friends becoming more and more nervous because of the gruesome murders taking place across the nation and their concern for him as his personality begins changing.

So far I like this series, it holds your interest and the plot is pretty neat. You find yourself wanting to know why they are there and if they have some reason for existing. There is some pretty gory scenes throughout but not overly so in my opinion. It’s one of my favorite horror type animes so far.

Have you watched this anime yet or read the manga? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!