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Heading to Korea ~Day 1~

This was my first day of adventure heading to South Korea! I went from Birmingham, AL to Dallas,TX then to Narita, Japan and finally to Seoul, South Korea. It was such a long day and I went through 4 airports and was on a plane for a total  of around 21 hours.

I flew with American Airlines and Japan Airlines and let me tell you, Japan Airlines is fantastic, the hostesses were so caring and attentive to make sure the flight was as comfortable as it could be. The food was good and man did they keep on feeding you.

It was so great to see my friend in South Korea, we hadn’t seen each other in over 7 years! The moment I entered South Korea I fell in love with the Country.

Stay tuned for many more videos about my adventures, tips and tricks and much more!

First Impressions: KINMOZA!

Kin-iro Mosaic also known as Kinmoza! is one of my latest finds to watch. Right away the animation is super cute, and light hearted which is always nice to relax and watch. The story revolves mainly around two girls from different parts of the world who are brought together by their interest in the other one’s culture.

Shinobu Omiya is a happy energetic Japanese school girl who, while in junior high stayed at a homestay program to England where she met the adorable (much to Shino’s happiness, blond) girl, Alice Cartelet. Their first bit of time together is difficult for Alice because of the language barrier and her shyness. She quickly sees Shino’s charm and they become closer even if they can not understand each other very well. Their blooming friendship makes Alice fall in love with Japan and spurs her into learning the language and culture so that she can study in Japan to be with Shino.

Shino and Alice are surrounded by fun friends who all have their unique personality. They all seem to enjoy their school lives and enjoy each others friendship dearly. There is defiantly some shojo-ai in the mix that is comedic and sweet because of the jealousy and interests of some of the girls.

First impression is I love it! It is super cute and light! The artwork is fun and colorful, and there is just the right amount of silly >_<. If you like anime like this, check It out!

Have you watched this series before? What did you think about it? Are there any other series similar to this one you would suggest? Let me know about it in the comments!

Watermelons in Japan

watermelons heart melon melons

You see a lot of watermelons in Japanese anime.  The characters are usually eating them at the beach and playing a game called “Suikawari” or “watermelon smashing game”. To play, the goal is to smash the watermelon with a stick while blindfolded.  It’s a fun summer game similar to piñata smashing.  The best part is eating it after!

Japan does not grow many watermelons since farm space is limited, but among the ones that are grown in Japan are the special  Densuke watermelons grown in Hokkaido. Only about 10,000 Densuke melons are grown and are about $300 each, though the very first one of the season can cost several THOUSAND dollars o_o.  An imported normal watermelon of a medium size can easily run you about $20 and up which is super pricy considering the same melon over seas in China is just a few dollars.

Japan has also started growing various shaped watermelons by growing them in box molds to get cool shapes as you can see in the above pics. It may take years to get the melons shaping perfectly and a lot of work goes into growing them. These special watermelons will run you well over $100 easy. I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t think I could ever have enough money to spend a few hundred on a melon =_=.

Do you like watermelon?  What shape would you want to buy if you could?  Let me know in the comments 🙂