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Serious Post- Tragedy

We have seen so much tragedy the past few weeks and it has left me in a constant state of thought. Ive read peoples statuses and articles and have been so glad to see such support from most everyone (though there are still a sprinkling of rotten people). The Pulse massacre in Orlando broke my heart, I just thought about what if. What if it had been at one of the clubs my close friends work at in Dallas? Then I thought that all these people that lost their lives to soon WERE all my friends, they were me, they were family. The thought that this can happen anywhere really is scary but I am glad that everyone isn’t just hiding away, ignoring it. We need to stay strong and fight against the injustice, the ignorance that seems too prevalent in this society. We need to have a nation wide conversation about, understanding, taking care of mental illness instead of treating it like a taboo, safety, acceptance and equality. We can be one Great America but we will never be Great unless we are able to join together.
To my LGBTQ brothers and sisters, we are strong. I love each and every one of you and hope from the bottom of my heart it’s getting better. Strides have been made the past few years, there may be dark days and snags in the road but as long as we continue to move forward it will get better.
To all my fellow humans, be good to one another. Try and make a difference in someones day, be kind when you don’t want to be. Don’t act on your childish rage on the road or at the store or eating out, you are better than that. You have no idea what someone else goes though every day. Your impatience and ignorance and unkind words and actions towards someone could be the straw that broke their back and they decide that there is no point in them being alive. You have no idea what has happened in their day, they could have lost someone, been through hell and back and if you are not able to help out by simply being kind and compassionate then please shut up and think before you act. I’m tired of my friends dying too young, whether it was out of their power or was by their own hand, im tired.
To any of you, if you want to talk about anything at all, I am here for you. If you feel alone, I am here for you. Let’s show people LOVE wins.


I have recently come into possession of this game, and I must say, Oh good lord what the hell is this.

This Otome style dating simulation game centers around, if you couldn’t tell from the picture, yes, birds. You are a human girl in a school of all birds who are intelligent and seem to be the ruling race in this alternate world. You get to know all the different birds and build relationships with which every birdie you choose. Each character is unique and has their own story and quirks. At first it just seems that this game is like a normal dating sim, simple and fluff. However, there are odd little details here and there that point to something sinister and questionable.

You quickly get the feeling that there is more to this world you live in and begin to be flooded with questions. Why are the birds intelligent? Why do you live in a cave in the game? What the hell is up with the doctor?! There have been so many moments where I vocally shouted “WHAT?! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” then proceeded to sit there and re-evaluate my life choices.

I won’t give you all the details of the game to leave some mystery. Plus I don’t think anyone can accurately convey the feel and oddity of this game.

Have you been so lucky or bored to play this game? What did you think about it? Which bird did you go after? Let me know about it in the comments!

~Ranma 1/2~ Don’t get wet!

Ranma 1/2 was the second series I was introduced to that was created by Rumiko Takahashi the first being “Inuyasha”. There are 38 volumes of manga, over 150 episodes of anime and even a few full-length films. I always thought this series was very comedic and silly but also had a few serious moments here and there that made you closer to the characters. Warning, however, there is lots of boobies all throughout the series, it is mainly about a boy who gets turned into a girl if he gets wet with cold water so…yeah he has no shame. 6_6

The story revolves around a boy named Ranma, who fell into a cursed spring along with his father on a training mission. The aftermath of them falling into the spring Ranma turns into a girl any time he is splashed with cold water, and his father turns into a large panda. They come to live with another family the Tendo’s who own a dojo. Ranma is betrothed to one of the three daughters, and it is decided the lucky girl is tough as nails Akane who seems to think Ranma is irritating and a clod. The hilarity ensues as multiple love triangles form, and each person has their own curses and past.

A large part of the plot is the various types of martial arts each person uses to fight with. Some of the moves are wacky but none the less interesting. Lots of rivalries occur between the characters, and the fights are always entertaining and fun. Check it out and let me know what you think about this series!

K-pop The Ultimate Audition (aka Extream Survival)

This series came out in 2012 and aired 14 episodes. It has recently been put on Netflix so I decided to check it out. My first impression of the story was that is was very much like “You’re Beautiful” however much more awkward. Some of the characters are just not as likeable and seem a little off compared to many other dramas.

It follows a girl Sueng-Yeon who plays classical piano because of her parents wishes, she however has a deep love for hiphop type music and fails a test at the classical school she was attending. She isn’t able to return home to her parents for fear of the trouble she will be in and instead decides she is going to do what she wants. She helps her close friend get into a band in training that he has always wanted to be in, she gets in too even though its a boy band.

The juniors have to deal with the sweet on the outside M2 band leader Woo Hyun who is selfish and cruel in attitude. He and Sueng-Yeon have several clashes. From the beginning you know that Woo Hyun is going to be the jerk who softens because of the heroine and you grow to like him. However my impression was “Im not sure if he will ever be very likeable”. There are a lot of rushed through storys and many things that aren’t explained.

I wasn’t super impressed with this series but I didn’t dislike it.

Have you watched this series? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

The Heirs

This Korean Drama came out in late 2013 and consists of 20 episodes. It stars a fantastic cast which includes: Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin and several others who did an amazing job.

Cha Eun-sang is a poor high school girl who lives with her mute mother, they both work very hard just to get by. Cha Eun-sangs sister has gone to America and Cha Eun-sang follows her only to catch her in several lies that hurts her very much and she is left alone in a foreign land. After she gets into some trouble Kim Tan a boy around the same age helps her out and they get to know each other over a few days. He lives in the lap of luxury and just plays around not taking things seriously. Very quickly he begins to fall for Eun-sang but has to say goodbye as her best friend comes to save her and help her get back to Korea. They figure there is no way they will ever see each other again and their days together were simply a dream.

Back in Korea Eun-sangs mother has moved in to be a live-in maid for her employers, the Jeguk company’s head. Eun-sang has to live there as well and help out while also holding 2 jobs and study for school. The Father of the family is ill and lives with his 1st son who is the standing CEO of the company, and his Mistress who is basically trapped in this large house. The 2nd son returns from over seas from his enforced banishment to be back home with his family. Of course it is Kim Tan who is the illegitimate child of the Jeguk group but is registered as the child of the legal wife. His brother Won fears that he will try to take the company from him and is very bitter and hateful towards Tan even though Tan loves him above everyone else. Won moves out angry that Tan has gone against his wishes and returned home.

Tan quickly finds out that he is living with Eun-sang and sees his chance. Eun-sang gets put in the Jeguk’s group private school and thrown into a world of privileged, spoiled, bratty teenagers. She becomes the point of affection for not only Tan but his rival and former best friend Choi Young-do. Young-do is the Heir to a large Hotel and is very cruel and rough most likely because of his bitterness towards his horrible abusive father and that his mother ran away years before. He resents Tan thinking it’s his fault for missing his last chance to see his mother and so takes it upon himself to constantly harass Eun-sang. It is quickly seen that he does have real feelings for Eun-sang but doesn’t really know how to show them and so he acts out and does bad things just to get her attention.

Eun-sang has to deal with the hierarchy of the school and because of Tan has to lie about her place in the ranks so she wont be picked on. She has to deal with Rachel, Tan’s fiancé who is a big b**ch. Everyone is all tied together in this small world of Heirs. There are arranged marriages, company marriages, love triangles, affairs, relationships, servitude and several other connections. It’s a hard world to be thrown into when you are from a serving background and have to work every minute of everyday to live. Eun-sang has a rollercoaster time and drama is around every corner.

There is so much that happens in this series I couldn’t get enough of it and consumed it in just a few days. I loved the characters and the acting was great. This series defiantly has made it on the top 5 K-dramas list for me. My favorite character was Choi Young-do and I wanted him to catch a break sometime. He was a horrible person in the start but really evens out and is kind and helpful though still an ass much of the time. There were several background characters, all with stories and ties and I think it was very well written.

What did you think of this series? Who was your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

~I can’t understand what my husband is saying~

This series of shorts consists of 13 episodes and is still coming out. It centers around a working woman named Kaoru and her Otaku husband Hajime. They are very different but love each other a lot. The show is mainly just random little snippets of their comedic lives and the other people in their lives including Kaoru’s super protective father and Hajime’s very feminine little brother. I think this show is very cute and funny, I defiantly see myself in Hajime’s spot as im sure much of the time no one knows what the hell im talking about. –_–

What do you think of this one?

Shall we date? Destiny Ninja

This is the first Otome game I played from NTT Solmare’s “Shall We Date?” series on my phone. It was the first in every one of their games I’ve now played and are still playing with each one getting a better system going.

Destiny Ninja takes place in the Genpei era of Japan where the Taira and Minamoto clans were in conflict during the latter half of the Heian period. You are a young noble woman who finds herself in the middle of a battle field with no memory of how you got there or of who you are. Right when your about to get an arrow to the face or be attacked a ninja comes to your rescue. You choose which ninja out of 10 different characters:

Enya- The heir to the Fire Village and a well known womanizer. He of course has a soft and weak side.

Hyuga- Also from the Fire Village, he acts nice and polite in front of the groups leader but once away from the leader he shows a different side. He seems uncaring and harsh and seems like he is hiding something.

Kazemasa- From the Wind Village, Kazemasa is quite and distant and can be very harsh and threatening at times. He seems very serious with little emotion, he is very loyal to his leader.

Hyosuke- From the Water Village. The youngest looking member in the group who has a huge chip on his shoulder. He seems hyper and nice some of the time and at others you see his twisted killer personality take over when the enemies are mentioned or are present.

Sohma- This is the only character I have yet to play, will update when finished.

Mizuki- From the Water Village, he is very quite and doesn’t have a strong personality. Once you get past his wall he is a fine protector who is kind and loyal.

Benkei- He is from the Minamoto Clan and was once a monk. Benkei’s story cracked me up many times. He is sweet and caring but unfamiliar with dealing with a female and so many awkward situations arise.

Yoshitsune- The  leader of the group from the Genji Clan and the one who pulls everyone together. His followers would give their lives in an instant for him. He is kind and thoughtful using strategy and thought over brute force.

Goyo- From the Mainland. Goyo is flamboyant and showy with fine tastes and refines actions. He doesn’t seem to be just a normal Ninja does he?

Noritsune- On the enemy side from the Heishi he seems to know you from before you lost your memory. He is kind and a good leader like Yoshitsune. He is young hearted and loyal.

Once saved you are thrown in on an adventure to recover your lost memories and the Three Sacred Treasures which may be the key.

I enjoyed this game which is free to play, you have a certain amount of energy to use every day and go through check points but you can also buy things to set you on a faster path. I don’t mind the check points and things since I play so many I just go through each one and do the daily reward and training until I can pass the check points. Some of the games have a paid to play version where you just make one transaction and buy a story which sometimes is defiantly worth it but not necessary to enjoy playing the games.

Have you played any of these games? What did you think about it? Did you have a favorite character? Tell me in the comments!

~Harvest Moon~ Blessed by the Harvest Goddess

Harvest moon is one of my favorite game series, it is truly addicting. The series debuted in 1996 and has been on several systems with many installments.  The series has had games on the: Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, GameCube, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS and the most recent games have been on the Nintendo 3DS. Since coming out in 1996 there has nearly been a new game in the series every year to every other year

The first one I was able to play was “Harvest Moon 64” followed by: “Friends of Mineral town”, “A Wonderful Life”, “More Friends of Mineral town” (holy crap you can be a girl! Yay>_<), “Another Wonderful Life” “Island of Happiness” “A Tale of Two Towns” and “A New Beginning”. I really liked both the “Wonderful Life” games for the GameCube and played them with my best friend constantly, trying to get the wife or husband we wanted and not lose any of our farm animals because i’ll admit the death scenes for the animals may have made us cry a little bit 6_6.

The main goal in the games is usually to take care and expand a farm you have some way or another come into living at, you grow various seasonal crops, take care of several different kinds of farm animals, make different products from said animals, building relationships with the towns people and find your choice wife or husband. You have a fulfilling and fun life building a home and a family. Besides the main idea of the game there are a few other plot lines in each game, usually there is something you need to accomplish for your new home and friends.

A few years ago there was another series that came from Natsume and was called “Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.” this game began a new series but had many of the aspects of “Harvest Moon” except replacing the normal animals with monsters and also throwing in the ability to fight off monsters and explore caves. It made a great game even better in my opinion, I love fantasy aspects and thought the various races in the town and in your suitor choices was neat and exciting. I liked the art work in these games a lot and have played all of the games in this series.

All of the “Harvest Moon” games are to me relaxing and a good stress releaver. It’s simple but not easy, you have to work hard to not let everything around you die. With proper work your farm life can thrive into something to be proud of.

Have you ever played any of the games in this series? Which is your favorite? What kind of Suitor do you go for? (I go for the ditzy girls or the guys who are kindof a jerk) Tell me about it in the comments!

Angel Beats!

This anime series is only a mere 13 episodes but man they are good ones! You just don’t want this series to end. It came out in 2010 and was directed by Seiji Kishi.

The story takes place at a high school that is an “in between” for the dead who still have some kind of attachments from their lives. The world is place to several people who are in limbo and some that are basically NPCs. The main character is a boy Otanashi who doesn’t remember his past life. He is recruited into a group calling themselves the SSS who fights against God for the cruel fates the members had in their lives. Yuri who is the leader of the group has them go against Angel a girl who has special powers. In this world the characters can still feel pain and also die again, they wake up shortly after in the same world with no injuries. Throughout the series it seems like the characters are all playing a game for awhile before it becomes evident that they need to try and fulfill their dreams to move on.

This anime is a beautiful story that is heartbreaking but also fun and exciting at times. Definitely check this one out!

Tell me what you think of it in the comments!


~Strawberry Panic!~

Written by Sakurako Kimino is a series of short stories that has been turned into a manga and light novels along with an anime series in 2006. This series is under the Shojo Ai genre meaning it involves girl’s love themes. I find the art work for the series beautiful and elegant. The uniforms the girls wear a designed well compliment the surroundings.

The story follows several girls in an all girls school who have various relationships with one another. The main character you follow is Nagisa Aoi who has transferred to the school and right away catches the Etoile (the schools star basicly) Shizuma Hanazono. Nagisa is also the thing of her roomates affections as well though much of the time Nagisa seems fairly oblivious or her attention is else where. There are several love triangles throughout the series involving girls from the three schools on Astrea hill. There are sad pasts and struggles for love and confidence, it makes the series very interesting.

This is most likely my favorite Shojo Ai/Yuri series because of the art. What did you think of this series? Haven’t watched it? Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.