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~First Impressions: Anne-Happy~

I am usually drawn to anime series like this with large eyed colorful characters that are in a word MOE. This anime is quirky in many senses but is also a simple joy to watch with little stress. You follow a group of girls who are all very unlucky in different ways. Each of them has entered a new school and in their class the main goal for the year is- to be happy and over come their misfortune.

Some of the misfortunes are wacky and silly but it is fun to watch this cast  of girls deal with each situation.

Have you watched this series? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

First Impressions: Wakaba*Girl

MOE. That is all.

Kidding ha ha. This series is super cute and simple and a joy to watch for sure. Each episode only lasts around 8 mins and you just don’t get tired of watching the silly shenanigans these four girls get in to. The story mainly focuses on Wakaba who is a daughter from a very rich family and who has not led a seemingly normal adolescence. Now that she is in high school she is very happy to have made some girl friends and gets to do the things she thinks a “gyaru” (a girly type) would do. Each of her new friends is unique and they all fit together well. There is the pure and girly Moeko, Mao who refers to herself in third person, and Nao who likes games of the BL type. 0_0.

These four girls have silly and fun conversations and interactions that leaves you giggling and at times shaking your head. I highly recommend watching this is you want a simple relaxing thing to watch.

Have you seen this yet? What do you think of it? Are there any other series you know of that are similar to this one? Let me know in the comments!