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I have recently come into possession of this game, and I must say, Oh good lord what the hell is this.

This Otome style dating simulation game centers around, if you couldn’t tell from the picture, yes, birds. You are a human girl in a school of all birds who are intelligent and seem to be the ruling race in this alternate world. You get to know all the different birds and build relationships with which every birdie you choose. Each character is unique and has their own story and quirks. At first it just seems that this game is like a normal dating sim, simple and fluff. However, there are odd little details here and there that point to something sinister and questionable.

You quickly get the feeling that there is more to this world you live in and begin to be flooded with questions. Why are the birds intelligent? Why do you live in a cave in the game? What the hell is up with the doctor?! There have been so many moments where I vocally shouted “WHAT?! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” then proceeded to sit there and re-evaluate my life choices.

I won’t give you all the details of the game to leave some mystery. Plus I don’t think anyone can accurately convey the feel and oddity of this game.

Have you been so lucky or bored to play this game? What did you think about it? Which bird did you go after? Let me know about it in the comments!

~My love from another star~

Okay so I just began watching this series about three days ago and right away am extremely impressed. It is very well written and put together. The director has done a great job and the story is fantastic. The characters all have very individual personality’s and its not just another fluffy romance drama. It is serious and has a lot of darker things in the background.

It centers around a cold and distant alien from another star Do Min Joon who has been on earth for 400 years, he once loved a young girl that he met when he first arrived. The girl died from helping him and so he is against interfering with other humans. He begins to change however when he meets the famous actress Cheon Song Yi who years before the main story time looked exactly like the girl he loved 400 years before.

Song Yi is arrogant and a little dumb often misspeaking and then having to deal with the tornado of rude, cruel comments from people online judging her every move. Song Yi is close friends with Lee Hwi Kyung who is the second son of a large corporation, he has also been in love with Song Yi for nearly 14 years. He is protective and a little pushy when it comes to Song Yi, he does not like Min Joon at all. Hwi Kyung has an older brother Lee Jae Kyung who you realize right away is not a good guy, in fact he is a very bad man who kills anyone who gets in his way.

There is a lot of awkwardness here and there when it comes to Song Yi’s somewhat ignorant attitude but after awhile you find yourself liking her a bit more. There is a lot of things going on right off the bat and find yourself pulled into this fantastic drama.

Have you watched this drama before? What did you think of it? Did you like it or maybe not? Let me know in the comments! :3

Danganronpa (0_0)

Originally a video game series starting in 2010 it was soon adapted into visual novels and an anime series. My little sister let me know about this one by showing me the abridged videos on youtube and right away I was at times confused and uncomfortable >_< ha ha ha. I of course had to watch the actual show and I thought it was interesting.

It begins with Hope’s Peak¬†Academy that selects a group of students every year who are the best of the best and one “Lucky” student who wins entrance by lottery. In this case the lucky student is Naegi Makoto. He arrives at the school and loses consciousness, shortly he wakes up and finds himself in a classroom alone. He goes searching and finds that he is trapped in this school with 14 other students. The principle is a creepy two toned robotic bear named Monokuma who informs them that they will be trapped in the school forever, unless they kill one of the other students and get away with it by not being found out by the rest. If they get found out they will be killed in various ways, if they get away with it they are set free and everyone else is killed. At first all the students refuse but soon each of them realizes they have certain reasons to get out of this prison and so the regretful murders begin.

Every student is unique and somewhat weird. You defiantly get favorites that you root for or are sad to see kick the bucket (or turned into butter). It was interesting to say the least and I would give it a watch for fun.

What do you think about this series? Do you have a favorite student? Let me know in the comments!