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~Goodbye 2018… 2019 please be gentle with me.~

Wow, this last year has been an absolutely wild one for sure. We started 2018 with an amazing trip to “Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter”for my 5th year wedding anniversary with my spouse and it really was a fantastic trip. We got to explore every last bit of the wizarding world and then went to Cocoa Beach (it was the first time my husband had been to a beach) and got to see the SpaceX launch which was super cool to get to experience.

A few months after that in April I got to go to Nashville, TN with two friends to celebrate two of our birthdays. I was able to return to Nashville in August for the “Pokemon Worlds Championship” which was a neat event to get to see and walk around for sure. There were people from all over the world with a common interest having fun and hanging out with new friends.

Over this last summer my family and I went to Texas to see my baby sister graduate High School and visit with family. We did some exploring and found the best place to eat in Plano, TX. We happened across this Japanese revolving sushi belt restaurant called Kura and it was so great! We all got to try so many new things and ate our fill for a decent price.

My daughter and I returned to Texas a month after our first visit to see another side of the family and go spend a couple days at the beach. We got some summer sun and had a blast visiting Crystal Beach and Galveston.

This last year my Godson was born in August and he is truly the cutest little chonk there ever was. I saw many friends be blessed with good things in 2018 and am always so happy to see any positive in these times.

In 2018 I got to have many mini adventures with one of my best friends keeping life interesting and to break up the mundane day to day life. We discovered some amazing Donut places, found some great thrift shopping, and went out and about to explore. You don’t have to travel hundreds of miles away to have fun and have an adventure. Sometimes there are things in your back yard that are waiting to be explored.


This last year had MANY great things but good grief were their a lot of not so great things. We started the year with a heavy stress on our shoulders with the possibility of a prospective move to a place and to a job I was not behind. Thankfully things fell through with that but it also left us in a bit of a financial bind since we had to go month to month on our lease. It took us a long time to get back above water even if it was just over.

This last year I watched many friends go through unimaginable tragedies. My heart has broken for them and I must say that I am constantly amazed by the strength of some of my friends. Each of you are a wonder and are so loved .  With the new year I hope things are better and great things happen for you all.

I find myself homeschooling my daughter once again after a year and a half at Public school following some negative events with the school and peers. Don’t get me wrong I love teaching my daughter and was getting irritated that she was falling behind at this school. However, Home Schooling a Junior in High School is no small matter. It is very stressful to say the least.

My husband was laid off from his job of 5 years this last year only to be rehired with the stipulation that we would move back to Texas from Alabama (where we have lived for the past 6 years) so he could work at the main branch. I am okay with this as I would like to be closer to family and we are ready for a new adventure for sure. The stress of a move over several states is not fun and the unknown of where we will live and how the new job will be makes me sick sometimes if I focus on those things too much.

At the very end of 2018 we had to say goodbye to our fur baby of 18 years. Our cat Lucky has been with us every day and was so different than most cats , being one of the most loving and cuddly cats. He was like my baby truly. His health had been declining for months and he finally had to go on. I miss him every day, I cant do anything in this apartment without thinking about him constantly. His passing was one of the hardest things for us as a family to go through.

2018 was also one of the hardest years health wise for me. My joint pain levels and general feelings of being ill have been gradually getting worse. I now have been having more and more trouble walking for long periods of time without my hips and knees swelling or popping in and out. I have some bad days/nights and some not so bad days/nights but there seems to never be a day where I feel great.

I take around 6-8 different prescription meds every day to try and function and not have break downs but some of those same meds have lasting side effects that worsen certain things. It seems like a constant cycle that I can never get ahead of or have a chance of winning.


2019 Goals/Plans/Adventures

I started this new year with a new lifestyle and way of eating trying to lose the last little bit of weight I gained the last 2 years after a few not great meds and surgerys. I am hoping to see if I can lessen the inflammation in my body and take some weight off my knees and ankles I will be much better off.  So far almost a month in and things are going well. Im not wanting to binge sugar and bad foods as much as I thought I would and have already seen some changes.

In a couple of months we have to get moved and settled back home in Texas and work out new routines and things as a family.

I will be marrying my sister and her fiance in May which will be such a cool thing to do.

I am hoping to take a few little family trips as this year and the next are the last years till my daughter is out of high school and in the adult world.

I want to learn at least 3 new crafts this year and master them as well as one can in a year.

One goal is to read at least 30 novels in 2019.

I want to finish several games this year and get to a point where I can start twitch streaming things as well. It seems so fun!

I want to start making videos and editing them again this year after taking a full year off from it. I want to have fun and create what I wish to.



How was your 2018? What was something fun you got to do? What goals do you have for 2019? Let me know in the comments!


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January 2018 Update

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has had a good year so far and are making lots of good goals and plans for this new year. I know I myself have been taking the first few weeks of the new year to think about what I want to accomplish and goals to set.  I am in the process of redesigning my website look and how things are set up for a better viewing experience.  I have a lot of plans this year!

In the next few weeks I have a list of reviews I will be putting up and streams I will be planning. Here are a few of the things I plan on reviewing in the next bit:


  1. A place further than the Universe
  2. Sanrio Boys
  3. School Babysitters
  4. Junji Ito Collection
  5. Citrus
  6. Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san


Video Games:

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn
  2. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  3. Pokemon Moon


Games I am planning to stream:

  1. Life is Strange
  2. The vanishing of Ethan Carter
  3. What remains of Edith Finch
  4. Stardew Valley


I am also going to be doing a lot of crafting soon and may do tutorials for various things. I am planning on opening a little shop in the near future and also have a few awesome travel videos and tips and trick videos/articles that I will be working on very soon.

Is there anything you think I should check out or do? Let me know in the comments!

Chinese New Year (2014) ~Year of the Horse~

Chinese New Year Noms

Lotus seeds and Dates for “8 treasure Ba bao fun”


phone pics 748

Some delicious sparkling Sake’ called Hana Awaka.


phone pics 749

Some New Year’s snacks to share! >o<

phone pics 752

Table is set~ So many places!


phone pics 755 phone pics 756

Cooking and cooking!


phone pics 758

Soaking Lotus Root, looks interesting doesn’t it?

phone pics 761

This was the hardest part! The Peking Duck took three days of various prep! He had to hang for several hours so the skin would tighten for crisp! I didn’t have a hook so…I had to improvise. –_– Wouldn’t it be concerning to see this in someone’s house?

phone pics 762 phone pics 763 phone pics 764

More cooking! I had five different dishes going all at once!

phone pics 766

Yay! Everyone is here to enjoy!

phone pics 767

My first ever Peking Duck.

phone pics 768

Ba Bao Fun.

phone pics 769

This is called Nian Gao, its a sweet rice cake.

phone pics 770

You keep the fish whole on new year so your upcoming luck will be whole! This fish was so good! One of my friends ate the eye! >_< Bleck so gross~

I had a lot of fun cooking and serving everyone on Chinese New Year, most of my friends and family who were there never had these dishes so it was fun and educational for everyone. It was nice to share the story of Chinese New Year and the traditions that go with it. I can’t wait till this next year!

Have you ever celebrated Chinese New Year? What did you eat or do? Tell me  about in the comments!