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~Late to the game Podcast listening~

The past few years have shown an ever growing interest in Podcasts and as the years pass by there is something for everyone. I have always enjoyed listening to audio books while traveling and working around the house. Sometimes you don’t want to make a commitment to a 20-30 hour book however and that is where Podcasts come in for me.

I think the first Podcast I listened to was “Welcome to Night Vale” by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor that was started in 2012. It presents itself as a radio show in a fictional town filled with interesting and confusing characters and unexplainable events. It is a fun listen and now has 140 episodes to enjoy.

Within this past year I have started to listen to more and more Podcasts and find different ones that may be interesting. The one that really started me down the rabbit hole was defiantly “LORE” by  Aaron Mahnke. “LORE” started in 2015 and has 106 episodes, each tells a story that has its foundations in myths and local lore. The narration is intriguing and each one makes you want to go and look up more information. There is also now a show on Amazon Prime that retells the story’s with re-enactments involving great costumes, and settings.

I’ve also been listening to Aaron Mahnke’s “Cabinet of Curiosities” that started in 2018 and has 60 episodes so far. Each episode is around 10 minutes and tells a couple of curious mini tales of curiosities.  Aaron Mahnke also is part of “Unobscured” a podcast that takes a event in history and deep dives into it with interviews from specialized historians. “Unobscured” started in 2018 and so far has gone into: The Salem Witch Trials with 15 episodes out. Very interesting listen and I will say you will learn so many new things from this event.

My latest listen has been “My Favorite Murder” by  Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark. In this podcast you listen to two friends shooting the breeze and talking about a favorite murder that has happened in the last several decades. This podcast started in 2016 and has 156 episodes and several mini-sodes.  They talk about the: Who, What, When and How, as well as their personal thoughts and opinions on the information given and unknown. It is obviously a bit morbid but I have always found alot of stories of serial killers and those crimes interesting. The human psyche and the many times of cop corruption/mishandling of crime scenes and evidence is at times fascinating and other times frustrating.


I always love to check out new shows and podcasts so if you have a suggestion please let me know in the comments! What is your favorite Podcast? Why?


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~October Adventures Ramble~

Finally it is October! This is most likely my households favorite month out of the year. We decorate the house in spooky things like webs, spiders and pumpkins.


We make time to watch a different scary movie every night of the month and it really is a fun family time. My step-daughter is now 16 so she is now old enough for most horror movies now which widened our choices by a lot. This year these are the movies we have watched and are planning on watching:

  1. The Brain  -1988-
  2. Before I wake -2016-
  3. The Shining -1980-
  4. The Evil Dead -1981-
  5. Night of the Comet -1984-
  6. The Stuff -1985-
  7. Seoul Station -2016-
  8. Pet Cemetery -1989-
  9. Hocus Pocus -1993-
  10. Corpse Bride -2005-
  11. The Craft -1996-
  12. Ernest Scared Stupid -1991-
  13. Battle Royal -2000-
  14. Train to Busan -2016-
  15. Creepshow 2 -1989-
  16. Slither -2006-
  17. The Hills Have Eyes -1977-
  18. Texas Chainsaw Massacre -1974-
  19. Hostel -2005-
  20. Practical Magic -1998-
  21. Jeepers Creepers -2001-
  22. Hereditary -2018-
  23. Coraline -2009-
  24. House -1985-
  25. Tales From the Crypt -1989–1996-
  26. Are you afraid of the Dark -1990–2000-

Halloween is my Husband and I’s Anniversary for when we became best friends 8 years ago. We met in September of 2010 and then worked together at a famous Haunted House in Texas all through October. The Haunting season is special to us and we think back on our days as Vampires and Ghouls fondly. This year my little sister who just graduated high school in June may be working at the same Haunted House, I hope she has a memorable and positive experience that she can look back on like we are able to.

This month I have been doing my Autumn deep clean of our home while decorating here and there. While cleaning I find it more productive to listen to podcasts and I have been on a kick of finding and partaking in ones that have a spook value to them. This month these are the podcasts I subscribe too:

  1. LORE by. Aaron Mahnke
  2. Unobscured by. Howstuffworks and Aaron Mahnke
  3. Cabinet of Curiosities by. Howstuffworks and Aaron Mahnke
  4. Creepy by. Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network


This is the first year I have participated in INKTOBER along with my daughter, we have found it a fun part of the day to work on our drawings and come up with ideas for the days prompts. Already we have learned a few tricks here and there and she has learned a lot in the last 4 days on what you should do to make things proportionate and  plan things out in advance to make things easier.

October is a busy month, our town has a county fair that comes in every year and there is also a town festival Octoberfest with all sorts of events.  As the weather changes I feel more comfortable and more likely to do comfort hobbies like crochet and read. I also get a bit of seasonal depression sadly and struggle a lot with being homesick this month as I live 600 miles away from my family and home base and I cant help but think about previous Octobers and adventures of old.

It will be 2 years tomorrow since I got on a plane and flew to South Korea to spend a few weeks seeing friends I hadn’t gotten to see in 7 years and have a adventure of a lifetime. The last two years have been rough with health issues getting worse, dealing with a lot of ennui after my trip and having many ups and downs with day to day life. Only recently have I felt like I am waking up from a half asleep nap and getting many things in order that were over due. I pulled out my sewing machine for the first time in over two years to work on some projects. I have started writing and drawing again after a time of blank mind.

This October is to be is a month of new beginnings, working on skills, organizing life and continuing to learn about myself in many  ways. I am excited to be moving forward and working towards my goals.

Do you like the month of October? Tell me why in the comments! What is your favorite scary movie? Favorite fall food?

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