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Reading Rewards With My Daughter

My daughter and I both LOVE to read. I think it is very important, no matter how old you are to pick up a book any time you can. At the start of this home school year I decided to use my blank entry door as a backdrop for a reading reward idea I had. I cut out various shapes from construction paper, one shape for individual *on your own time* reading and one for, either novels we finish in school or ones we read together out loud. Every time we finish a book we write the title on the shape and then tape it to the door. Every 20 books there is a reward to be had: at 20 we had a movie night where she got to pick a movie to rent and snacks to eat, at 40 she got to pick a restaurant (we do not eat out often) and we went to Olive Garden. Right now we are at 43 working our way up. I will usually let her know what the next reward will be except for the 100 book mark. I think it will be cool to have a larger surprise for 100 books. For younger kids I would maybe do a little reward every 5-10 and have a big reward at a much lower number.

Here is a link to another page that has reading reward programs all around (mainly for k-6 maybe through 8th. I find that for the older kids it is harder to find programs for them)-

This is a program that is for k-12 and earns your kid a T-shirt after compleating the list. Many of the books on these lists are one they would normally finish in school, may as well have a fun reward!

Even Pizzahut has a book-it program:


Do you know of any programs that are neat? Let me know in the comments!