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~First Impressions: Anne-Happy~

I am usually drawn to anime series like this with large eyed colorful characters that are in a word MOE. This anime is quirky in many senses but is also a simple joy to watch with little stress. You follow a group of girls who are all very unlucky in different ways. Each of them has entered a new school and in their class the main goal for the year is- to be happy and over come their misfortune.

Some of the misfortunes are wacky and silly but it is fun to watch this cast  of girls deal with each situation.

Have you watched this series? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments!


I have recently come into possession of this game, and I must say, Oh good lord what the hell is this.

This Otome style dating simulation game centers around, if you couldn’t tell from the picture, yes, birds. You are a human girl in a school of all birds who are intelligent and seem to be the ruling race in this alternate world. You get to know all the different birds and build relationships with which every birdie you choose. Each character is unique and has their own story and quirks. At first it just seems that this game is like a normal dating sim, simple and fluff. However, there are odd little details here and there that point to something sinister and questionable.

You quickly get the feeling that there is more to this world you live in and begin to be flooded with questions. Why are the birds intelligent? Why do you live in a cave in the game? What the hell is up with the doctor?! There have been so many moments where I vocally shouted “WHAT?! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” then proceeded to sit there and re-evaluate my life choices.

I won’t give you all the details of the game to leave some mystery. Plus I don’t think anyone can accurately convey the feel and oddity of this game.

Have you been so lucky or bored to play this game? What did you think about it? Which bird did you go after? Let me know about it in the comments!

First Impressions: ~Monster Musume~ (mature anime)

Okay, so I had been a little familiar with the series “Monster Musume” quite a while ago as it was a random manga I had looked at while at the bookstore. Very quickly when you look through a few pages you know exactly what kind of manga it is, ecchi overflowing. I thought it was amusing but not enough to read through and get into the story. Now fast forward and the anime version is being released. I figured “eh why not” and checked it out, now I can’t wait for the episodes to come out fast enough!

The anime is so awkwardly hilarious, I find myself laughing throughout every episode. The shenanigans these monster girls get into are crazy and super amusing through and through! But be warned this is a mature anime, lots of boobies and questionable actions.

The story revolves around a young man named Kimihito who takes on monster girls (being forced to originally) for a homestay exchange program. The knowledge of different humanoid species has been acknowledged by the government and so to learn more about each other they have made it to where other species can come stay in the human areas to learn. Kimihito winds up with seven girls to take care of all of different species.

This series is so funny and as long as you are old enough defiantly check it out! Have you read or watched this series? Tell me what you think about it! Which girl is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

~Ranma 1/2~ Don’t get wet!

Ranma 1/2 was the second series I was introduced to that was created by Rumiko Takahashi the first being “Inuyasha”. There are 38 volumes of manga, over 150 episodes of anime and even a few full-length films. I always thought this series was very comedic and silly but also had a few serious moments here and there that made you closer to the characters. Warning, however, there is lots of boobies all throughout the series, it is mainly about a boy who gets turned into a girl if he gets wet with cold water so…yeah he has no shame. 6_6

The story revolves around a boy named Ranma, who fell into a cursed spring along with his father on a training mission. The aftermath of them falling into the spring Ranma turns into a girl any time he is splashed with cold water, and his father turns into a large panda. They come to live with another family the Tendo’s who own a dojo. Ranma is betrothed to one of the three daughters, and it is decided the lucky girl is tough as nails Akane who seems to think Ranma is irritating and a clod. The hilarity ensues as multiple love triangles form, and each person has their own curses and past.

A large part of the plot is the various types of martial arts each person uses to fight with. Some of the moves are wacky but none the less interesting. Lots of rivalries occur between the characters, and the fights are always entertaining and fun. Check it out and let me know what you think about this series!

~Promise not to look back~ (Spirited Away Fanfiction)

It had been 9 years since she had had that dream, the dream that seemed so real but it wasnt…was it? In her mind it was a mere dream but if it was just a dream why was she keeping that promise she made? She never looked back she kept going forward and kept growing. She was a fine young woman now, 19 years old. Her hair was now long enough to pass her waist but she kept it in a pony tail tied with a sparkling band that was of great importance to her, she always felt confident when wearing it. Instead of going to a University she managed to open a small shop where she sold charms and offerings to spirts, she was always quite fond of spirits. Some people didn’t believe that they exsisted but she did, she didn’t know how but she knew they were there watching us.
It was late in the evening when she locked up shop and walked back to the back where she lived, it was a nice cozy apartment that she could read and write in peace in. It was always hard when she was living with her parents but they could be obnoxious and incensitive at times so it could be difficult.
She sat at her kotatsu and began drawing in her sketchbook, for years now she would draw a dragon, not just any dragon but a particular one. She was fond of the dragon and part of her felt like she was waiting for the dragon to come for her. When ever she would feel this she would shake her head and tell herself that no such thing would happen…yet secretly she hoped.
She must have dozed off in her dreaming because she was awoken by the sound of the bell above the entrance door. “I thought I had locked that door…oh well maybe I forgot.” Chihiro stood and tidied up her appearence by brushing away the wrinkles of her dress. She walked through the hallway and into the store. “I’m terribly sorry but we’re closed no…” she gasped and held onto the counter for support. There was a man standing there in the center of the shop, his hair was fine and long tied back into a braid, he wore black pants and a matching top that had the top buttons undone showing his smooth ivory skin. His eyes seemed to look into her very soul, he gazed at her and their eyes met, in an instant her dream became a reality, it was real. She really went to that bath house 9 years ago and met all those spirits…her friends, and most importantly she met him though not for the first time there.
“Ha…Haku?” she asked her voice wavering.
He smiled and gave a slight bow. ” Chihiro it’s been awhile. I must apoligize that it has taken me this long.” She just stared at him, it was so much to take in she didn’t know what to say. She opened her mouth but nothing came out, against her will tears sprang up in her eyes and began to fall to the ground. She buried her face in her hand and lowered herself to the ground as she sobbed.
He chuckled and walked slowly over to her kneeling down and placing his hand on her back. “You can still be a cry baby I see.” She cried and he comforted her. “Hey there, shhh…shhh…it’s all okay now.”
She turned to him and threw her arms around his neck burrying her face into his shoulder. He looked over at her with a loving expression and wraped his arms around her gently cradling her.
After a few minutes her tears dried and she pulled away so she could look into his eyes, she kept her hands on his shoulders thinking that as long as she held him he wouldn’t go away again. ” Haku, I’m sorry…i’m so sorry.” she said almost bring herself to tears again.
He gave her a warm smile. “For what?”
“For forgetting…” she looked away ashamed.
He released her and grabed her chin pulling her face back to his. “You didn’t really forget, you were waiting for me, all this time. I made it to where you couldn’t remember but you never forgot.” he cupped her cheek in his soft hand.
She closed her eyes and put her own hand over his. ” You came…you came…”
He kissed her forehead, she opened her eyes surprised, a slight pink showing on her cheeks. ” I promised didn’t I, im just sorry it took so long. I watched you grow, I watched you and wanted to be with you but I knew I couldn’t until…” he trailed off.
“Until what?” she asked looking up at him with those large eyes.
“Until I became human.” He gave her a smile that seemed to melt her very soul.
“Haku…you mean your…? But…why that means you will…” she searched his eyes.
“Die? Yes I know, as will you one day. Chihiro I don’t want immortality if it means I have to live forever, a forever where your not there. I love you Chihiro I always have.” he gazed upon her with such sincerity and adoration she wouldn’t have minded if time had stopped right there.
She blushed and closed her eyes for a moment thinking over what he had just said, after a time she opened them and smiled. ” I love you too Haku, I was waiting for you.” She slowly leaned forward and placed her lips on his. He put one hand on the back of her head and the other on her lower back pulling her in as they shared their first kiss. An eternity seemed to pass before they parted and gazed lovingly into one anothers eyes. Haku stood pulling Chihiro up with him, he kneeled back down and grasped both of her hands. “Chihiro would you live this life and many more with me as my wife and partner in all I do?”
Tears filled her eyes again and she nodded. “Yes…Yes! Of course I do!.” a wide smile crossed his face and he picked her off the ground and swung her around happily.
“Thank you Chihiro, you’ve made me the happiest man alive, it will be an honor to live and die with you by my side.”

Many many years later
They lived happily for many years, had children and then they had children of their own. Haku and Chihiro always honored the spirits and each other. They grew old together and shared the experience of life with one another. The sad times, the happy times everything they managed to be strong through it all. They never once looked back.
Haku lay on the white futon that was on the floor, the sliding doors were open letting in the spring air , the sounds of the nearby river could be heard. He gazed out at the greenery, his face withered and old, his eyes held such wisdom. He coffed and was joined by Chihiro who was being helped by her grand daughters, once they set her next to him she shooed them away.
She looked down at her husband with calm eyes. She could feel him slipping. She sighed and gazed out to the swaying trees. ” I wonder…if you ever regret giving up your life as a spirit…” her voice was aged but wise.
Haku lifted his hand to her face and held it like he always had before. “Not a day has ever passed where I felt regret, I have lived a full and happy life.”
She smiled sweetly and lay down next to him holding his hand to her heart. “Thank you for loving me.”
They both lay there gazing outside then as if on cue they turned their heads towards each other gazing into the eyes of their life partner. Chihiro closed hers and sighed. “No matter how many lives we live promise you will always find me…”
He turned her head to look upwards and closed his eyes. “No matter what I will always find you…promise me that you will never look back.”
She inhaled and exhaled slowly. “I promise…see you soon…” they intertwined their fingers and held onto each others hand tightly. After a few fleeting moments both of their grips loosened but they still were intertwined. Their last breaths left their earthly bodies and they slipped away…together, like it always should and would be till the end of time.

~My Love Story! ( Ore Monogatari!)~

My Love Story! is a manga as well as an anime series that is airing on Crunchyroll. It is so funny and good! It centers around a behemoth of a high school boy named Takeo, his good looking apathetic friend Makoto and the super sweet and cute girl Yamato.

Takeo is used to never being liked by the opposite sex since all the girls always go for his best friend, Suna. He is loyal, strong and quite the hero without thinking about it very much. He is a goob much of the time to Suna’s great amusement. One day he saves a girl Yamato from a train pervert and immediately falls in love with her. After several misunderstandings on his part, they start dating making a very awkward first love couple that is very cute and silly.

There is a lot of emphasis on not judging a book by its cover and making sure to get to know people for who they are and not what they look like. So far I love this anime and have laughed so hard several times at some of the crazy antics this boy gets into. Defiantly check this one out!

What do you think of this series? Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comments!

~My love from another star~

Okay so I just began watching this series about three days ago and right away am extremely impressed. It is very well written and put together. The director has done a great job and the story is fantastic. The characters all have very individual personality’s and its not just another fluffy romance drama. It is serious and has a lot of darker things in the background.

It centers around a cold and distant alien from another star Do Min Joon who has been on earth for 400 years, he once loved a young girl that he met when he first arrived. The girl died from helping him and so he is against interfering with other humans. He begins to change however when he meets the famous actress Cheon Song Yi who years before the main story time looked exactly like the girl he loved 400 years before.

Song Yi is arrogant and a little dumb often misspeaking and then having to deal with the tornado of rude, cruel comments from people online judging her every move. Song Yi is close friends with Lee Hwi Kyung who is the second son of a large corporation, he has also been in love with Song Yi for nearly 14 years. He is protective and a little pushy when it comes to Song Yi, he does not like Min Joon at all. Hwi Kyung has an older brother Lee Jae Kyung who you realize right away is not a good guy, in fact he is a very bad man who kills anyone who gets in his way.

There is a lot of awkwardness here and there when it comes to Song Yi’s somewhat ignorant attitude but after awhile you find yourself liking her a bit more. There is a lot of things going on right off the bat and find yourself pulled into this fantastic drama.

Have you watched this drama before? What did you think of it? Did you like it or maybe not? Let me know in the comments! :3

K-pop The Ultimate Audition (aka Extream Survival)

This series came out in 2012 and aired 14 episodes. It has recently been put on Netflix so I decided to check it out. My first impression of the story was that is was very much like “You’re Beautiful” however much more awkward. Some of the characters are just not as likeable and seem a little off compared to many other dramas.

It follows a girl Sueng-Yeon who plays classical piano because of her parents wishes, she however has a deep love for hiphop type music and fails a test at the classical school she was attending. She isn’t able to return home to her parents for fear of the trouble she will be in and instead decides she is going to do what she wants. She helps her close friend get into a band in training that he has always wanted to be in, she gets in too even though its a boy band.

The juniors have to deal with the sweet on the outside M2 band leader Woo Hyun who is selfish and cruel in attitude. He and Sueng-Yeon have several clashes. From the beginning you know that Woo Hyun is going to be the jerk who softens because of the heroine and you grow to like him. However my impression was “Im not sure if he will ever be very likeable”. There are a lot of rushed through storys and many things that aren’t explained.

I wasn’t super impressed with this series but I didn’t dislike it.

Have you watched this series? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Say “I Love you” live action

I really enjoyed the manga and anime series of this but the live action version kind of fell flat for me. It was okay and followed the story well but seemed somewhat slow going and dull. It was fairly awkward to me but still cute.

I’m very interested in knowing other thoughts on this movie, so please let me know what you thought. Did you like it, not like it, let me know in the comments!


Originally a light novel series and manga, this series became a 25 episode anime in 2008.

The main male lead is Ryuji Takasu who is entering his second year of high school and worries about how he looks. He inherited his absent fathers gangish looks and so many are afraid of him. He has at least one friend Kitamura who realizes he isn’t scary at all. One of Kitamura’s friends Kushieda also seems to know he isn’t a delinquent and greets him warmly. It becomes very apparent that Ryuji has a uber crush on Kushieda. As his new school year starts he becomes quickly involved with the pint sized “palm-top tiger” Taiga Aisaka who has a crush on Kitamura and is close friends with Kushieda.

Ryuji and Taiga band together to assist the other one in gaining the attention of their respective crushes. Taiga is violent and has a short fuse and so many in the school fear her. Her and Ryuji even though they bicker a lot get along very well and seem to understand each other like many of the others can not.

I was a bit late coming into this series but have really enjoyed it. It’s very comedic and fun with seriousness and awkwardness sprinkled throughout.

What did you think of this series? Let me know in the comments! ^_^