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Divinity Original Sin = A+ Couple Game

Divinity is a one-player/multiplayer fantasy role play video game that is very reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons to my Husband and I. This game is jam packed with content, we played 30 hours in the first town making sure we didn’t miss anything at all in that map. The game play is really good for co-op in my opinion because you are able to lock your screen into a split screen and both people can go off and do whatever and not be held down by the other player.

There is so much content from talking with lots of NPC’s, getting quests, making things to sell, fights and exploring the maps. The fighting system is turn based and goes by initiative similar to the D&D system. There is a fighting style for everyone, if you like magic casting, long range bow shooting, sneaky close range dagger slicing, or tank two handed sword/axe bashing.

This game was partially funded by Kick starter and has become critically alclaimed with a sequel now in the works! I think this game is great for couples to play together or just by yourself. This is a team work building game with so much fun fantasy aspects that draw you in to the story.

What do you think of this game? Let me know in the comments!

~Harvest Moon~ Blessed by the Harvest Goddess

Harvest moon is one of my favorite game series, it is truly addicting. The series debuted in 1996 and has been on several systems with many installments.  The series has had games on the: Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, GameCube, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS and the most recent games have been on the Nintendo 3DS. Since coming out in 1996 there has nearly been a new game in the series every year to every other year

The first one I was able to play was “Harvest Moon 64” followed by: “Friends of Mineral town”, “A Wonderful Life”, “More Friends of Mineral town” (holy crap you can be a girl! Yay>_<), “Another Wonderful Life” “Island of Happiness” “A Tale of Two Towns” and “A New Beginning”. I really liked both the “Wonderful Life” games for the GameCube and played them with my best friend constantly, trying to get the wife or husband we wanted and not lose any of our farm animals because i’ll admit the death scenes for the animals may have made us cry a little bit 6_6.

The main goal in the games is usually to take care and expand a farm you have some way or another come into living at, you grow various seasonal crops, take care of several different kinds of farm animals, make different products from said animals, building relationships with the towns people and find your choice wife or husband. You have a fulfilling and fun life building a home and a family. Besides the main idea of the game there are a few other plot lines in each game, usually there is something you need to accomplish for your new home and friends.

A few years ago there was another series that came from Natsume and was called “Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.” this game began a new series but had many of the aspects of “Harvest Moon” except replacing the normal animals with monsters and also throwing in the ability to fight off monsters and explore caves. It made a great game even better in my opinion, I love fantasy aspects and thought the various races in the town and in your suitor choices was neat and exciting. I liked the art work in these games a lot and have played all of the games in this series.

All of the “Harvest Moon” games are to me relaxing and a good stress releaver. It’s simple but not easy, you have to work hard to not let everything around you die. With proper work your farm life can thrive into something to be proud of.

Have you ever played any of the games in this series? Which is your favorite? What kind of Suitor do you go for? (I go for the ditzy girls or the guys who are kindof a jerk) Tell me about it in the comments!