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Serious Post- Tragedy

We have seen so much tragedy the past few weeks and it has left me in a constant state of thought. Ive read peoples statuses and articles and have been so glad to see such support from most everyone (though there are still a sprinkling of rotten people). The Pulse massacre in Orlando broke my heart, I just thought about what if. What if it had been at one of the clubs my close friends work at in Dallas? Then I thought that all these people that lost their lives to soon WERE all my friends, they were me, they were family. The thought that this can happen anywhere really is scary but I am glad that everyone isn’t just hiding away, ignoring it. We need to stay strong and fight against the injustice, the ignorance that seems too prevalent in this society. We need to have a nation wide conversation about, understanding, taking care of mental illness instead of treating it like a taboo, safety, acceptance and equality. We can be one Great America but we will never be Great unless we are able to join together.
To my LGBTQ brothers and sisters, we are strong. I love each and every one of you and hope from the bottom of my heart it’s getting better. Strides have been made the past few years, there may be dark days and snags in the road but as long as we continue to move forward it will get better.
To all my fellow humans, be good to one another. Try and make a difference in someones day, be kind when you don’t want to be. Don’t act on your childish rage on the road or at the store or eating out, you are better than that. You have no idea what someone else goes though every day. Your impatience and ignorance and unkind words and actions towards someone could be the straw that broke their back and they decide that there is no point in them being alive. You have no idea what has happened in their day, they could have lost someone, been through hell and back and if you are not able to help out by simply being kind and compassionate then please shut up and think before you act. I’m tired of my friends dying too young, whether it was out of their power or was by their own hand, im tired.
To any of you, if you want to talk about anything at all, I am here for you. If you feel alone, I am here for you. Let’s show people LOVE wins.


I have recently come into possession of this game, and I must say, Oh good lord what the hell is this.

This Otome style dating simulation game centers around, if you couldn’t tell from the picture, yes, birds. You are a human girl in a school of all birds who are intelligent and seem to be the ruling race in this alternate world. You get to know all the different birds and build relationships with which every birdie you choose. Each character is unique and has their own story and quirks. At first it just seems that this game is like a normal dating sim, simple and fluff. However, there are odd little details here and there that point to something sinister and questionable.

You quickly get the feeling that there is more to this world you live in and begin to be flooded with questions. Why are the birds intelligent? Why do you live in a cave in the game? What the hell is up with the doctor?! There have been so many moments where I vocally shouted “WHAT?! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” then proceeded to sit there and re-evaluate my life choices.

I won’t give you all the details of the game to leave some mystery. Plus I don’t think anyone can accurately convey the feel and oddity of this game.

Have you been so lucky or bored to play this game? What did you think about it? Which bird did you go after? Let me know about it in the comments!

First Impressions: SCHOOL-LIVE

On first glance this looks like a slice of life, school anime centering around the ditzy and carefree Yuki, who lives with her friends in what she calls the School-live club. She goes about her school day slacking off in classes and talking with all her friends. The other three girls in the club: Kurumi who carries a shovel at all times, Yuri the president and the one who manages all the food, resources, and Miki, who is a year younger than the other girls, all watch over and protect Yuki. The truth is they are the only seeming survivors of a recent zombie virus outbreak, and Yuki has been so traumatized she has created the delusion that everything is normal.

It is so odd to watch because some things seem so happy and light but when you pan out there is a lot of morbid horror survival aspects that can leave a pit in your stomach. Everyone has their own stories and trials but they stick together and support each other as best they can in this crazy world they have found themselves. So far I like it and find it very interesting, it is defiantly one of those series you just want to keep watching to see what happens next.

Have you heard of or watched this series? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments! :}

Parasyte -The Maxim-

Based on a manga from the late 1980’s and early 90’s this anime series began airing in Oct of 2014 and is currently ongoing to complete 24 episodes. I saw my little sister reading the manga not too long ago and so when I came across this anime on crunchyroll I read through the reviews (which are very humorous) and it was overall liked quite a lot.

The series begins as these alien parasites come to Japan and find hosts. Shinichi Izumi is sleeping as a parasite attacks him trying to get to his brain. After a struggle, the parasite fails and eats his hand instead living in it’s place as a morphing little monster. Shinichi has to learn to coexist with the Parasite he names Migi. They have to deal with several other parasites that deem them a danger to the parasite race since Shinichi is still human. He has to deal with his parents and friends becoming more and more nervous because of the gruesome murders taking place across the nation and their concern for him as his personality begins changing.

So far I like this series, it holds your interest and the plot is pretty neat. You find yourself wanting to know why they are there and if they have some reason for existing. There is some pretty gory scenes throughout but not overly so in my opinion. It’s one of my favorite horror type animes so far.

Have you watched this anime yet or read the manga? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

~Anime series that never fail to bring the feels~

I rewatch anime series fairly often and there are a few that no matter how many times I’ve watched them I always tear up or sob all over myself. To be able to get so emotional over watching something just goes to show the great story writing and the ability of the creator to get you to form relationships with the characters. The series for me that never fail to bring on the wave of feels are:

CLANNAD and CLANNAD after story~ This series hit me hard when I first watched it years ago.

Kanon~ from the same director of CLANNAD, once again a tear jerker through and through.

Angel Beats~ This one was odd to me to begin with but as you got to know the characters better and the situations they had been in it really pulls your emotions. Episode 9 and the last episode get to me so bad.

Sometimes when im watching these series I wonder why I willingly subject myself to the emotional stress I feel when I watch them. Its just such beautiful story telling I guess I cant help myself.

Are there any series that get to you? Tell me about them in the comments!

Full Metal Alchemist

This series is one of my favorites the manga and the anime are both fantastic. I’ve watched the first series several times and am always drawn into it. There are 51 episodes and one movie (though the movie is meh)

The series focuses on the Elric brothers, Edward being the oldest and Al being the youngest. They live in a world where many people can use science to do alchemy and create various things using it. One of the main rules is that you cannot create something without giving something of equal value in return. The boys dad left when they were very little and when they are around 7-10 years old their beloved mother passes away. They do what is a forbidden act and try to bring their mother back from the dead, in doing so Edward loses his leg and Al loses his whole body. What they bring back was not their mother but a monster and Edward gives one of his arms to attach his little brothers soul to a set of armor. They did something very bad that night and they paid dearly for it. The rest of the series consists of the two brothers traveling around trying to find information on the “Philosophers Stone” a stone that can make it where you don’t have to give something of equal value when you transmute something. Ed wants to find it to give his brother back his body to right part of the wrong he committed. You meet many great characters along the way and experience much heartbreak.

It has a good plot and once things get going they really get going, there are scenes that will stick with you forever. Great series.

What do you think of this series? Who is your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

Danganronpa (0_0)

Originally a video game series starting in 2010 it was soon adapted into visual novels and an anime series. My little sister let me know about this one by showing me the abridged videos on youtube and right away I was at times confused and uncomfortable >_< ha ha ha. I of course had to watch the actual show and I thought it was interesting.

It begins with Hope’s Peak Academy that selects a group of students every year who are the best of the best and one “Lucky” student who wins entrance by lottery. In this case the lucky student is Naegi Makoto. He arrives at the school and loses consciousness, shortly he wakes up and finds himself in a classroom alone. He goes searching and finds that he is trapped in this school with 14 other students. The principle is a creepy two toned robotic bear named Monokuma who informs them that they will be trapped in the school forever, unless they kill one of the other students and get away with it by not being found out by the rest. If they get found out they will be killed in various ways, if they get away with it they are set free and everyone else is killed. At first all the students refuse but soon each of them realizes they have certain reasons to get out of this prison and so the regretful murders begin.

Every student is unique and somewhat weird. You defiantly get favorites that you root for or are sad to see kick the bucket (or turned into butter). It was interesting to say the least and I would give it a watch for fun.

What do you think about this series? Do you have a favorite student? Let me know in the comments!

Haibane Renmei ~The girl with wings of grey~

This story originally began as a dojinshi by Yoshitoshi ABe but was never completed since the anime series took over. The series consists of 13 episodes and came out in 2002.

The story opens with a girl falling through the sky with a crow that is trying to stop her fall but isn’t able to and flies away. In another scene a group of girls (all with small wings on their backs) come across a large cocoon in a old room, they all seem very excited by this discovery by preparing the room and cleaning it up. Shortly the young girl you see in the falling scene comes out of the cocoon and the others take care of her lead by Reki an older girl. They give the young girl the name Rakka which means falling since  that is what she remembers from her cocoon dream. She is presented a halo and soon goes through a traumatic experience of having her wings come out of her back in a stressful bloody scene.

Rakka begins to learn about where she is staying, they call it “Old Home” and many girls and small Haibane children live there. There is also another group of Haibane that live in another part of the town they live in. They all are part of the town of Glie that is surrounded by large walls, the people that live in the town are kind to the Haibane. Rakka learns that there are several rules that they must follow and that the rules are inforced by the Haibane Renmei, an organization that watches over the Haibane.

Rakka learns about the other girls in Old Home and works hard to find her place in the town by visiting the others at their jobs. She grows close to the others and begins to settle in this new life while at times still troubled by something she cant remember from her past one.

This series is fantastic, I’ve watched it around 5 times and have shown it to several of my friends. It is simple and yet intriguing with several very stressful and sad parts. It pulls your heart and you cant help but want to know all the secrets in the Haibane world.

Have you watched this series? What did you think of it? Who was your favorite character? Tell me in the comments!

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya is a very special series for me. The series ran from 1998 to 2006 and consisted of 23 volumes , it was the first manga series I fell in love with. I started reading the series when I was a young teen and right away I become engrossed in the story and characters. I obsessively awaited the next volume and the three months between them was not fun. Once I got the next volume I just read all the ones I owned over and over again then had to patiently wait for another few months. The year the box set of the anime series came out I got it for Christmas and spent the entire day watching all 26 episodes in one sitting. I enjoyed the anime series but there are some very important things that are changed and the story only goes through about volume 8 of the manga.

The story follows Tohru Honda and the Sohma family who are cursed by the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac plus one outcast Cat. Yuki and Kyo who are the same age as Tohru are the main characters next to Tohru. A few of the members take Tohru in as she is an orphan and for a time homeless. She finds out about the curse after several unfortunate events and is oddly allowed to stay with the family. Usually outsiders are forbidden from learning the secret and avoided. There is so much to the story and each character is well written. They all have their own problems and are all helped by this very special girl to grow and overcome issues.

I can re read this series over and over again, it starts out light and slowly becomes more serious and complicated as the characters grow. It has comedy, romance, and drama. This series will always be high if not number 1 on my favorite manga list. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

What do you think of this series? Who is your favorite character out of the diverse characters? Let me know in the comments.

Clannad (will make you sob often)

Originally a visual novel released by Key in 2004 and made into manga series along with an anime series around 2007 consisting of 24 episodes.  I’ve always liked the art work in “Clannad” and the series from the same company “Kanon”, the eyes and faces are sweet and the settings are calm and very realistic. The characters each have their own problems and the story pulls you in, its not long before you find the feels seeping into your very soul and out your tear ducts.

You follow Tomoya Okazaki a bit of a delinquent student who wants to change, he meets Nagisa Furukawa on the way to school as she is talking to herself. Tomoya meets several other girls in class who are all different but have some kind of draw to Tomoya. He finds himself drawn to Nagisa who is timid and quiet, he learns she is repeating the year since she had missed too much school due to an illness. He learns she wants to join the drama club that is no longer active. Tomoya helps her with her goal of restarting the club.

Tomoya meets the genius Kotome Ichinose and the childlike Futo Ibuki who each have certain problems that Tomoya helps solve. He grows close to all these new friends and he does what he had wished and starts to change. He grows closer to Nagisa and learns more about her. There are so many things that happen it can be a heavy series to watch that will weigh on your heart. It’s mainly a group of high school kids who have very real problems except for a pinch of a super natural plot as well.

I watched this series a few times and bawled every time, its a beautiful story.

What did you think about the series? Do you have a favorite character? Tell me about it in the comments! 🙂