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New series I am looking forward to

There are so many new anime series that have just come out or are coming out that I am very much looking forward to. Here is a list of the top 4 series I am excited for after having been a fan of the manga:

  1. First Love Monster: This series is about a high school girl who is normally spoiled and coddled, she is rescued by a young man who is the first person to scold her and so she falls for him instantly. This story has a lot of quirky characters and a few twists that complicate this first love.
  2. The Morose Mononokean: This story has spirits and demons and mysteries under the surface concerning the main characters. There is humor and seriousness that has a fairly good balance.
  3. Sweetness and Lightning: A father and his daughter live day to day after losing their wife and mother. They meet a young girl who starts helping them with learning how to cook more food and to open up more to others. There are lots of cute scenes and lots of yummy looking foods so don’t watch if your hungry!
  4. Orange: This series is alot more complicated and serious in my opinion than the others. It centers around a group of friends who receive letters from their future selves in order to try and prevent a tragedy concerning one of their friends. Lots of emotions run high in this story but it is a beautiful story where friendship is very important.

~First Impressions: Anne-Happy~

I am usually drawn to anime series like this with large eyed colorful characters that are in a word MOE. This anime is quirky in many senses but is also a simple joy to watch with little stress. You follow a group of girls who are all very unlucky in different ways. Each of them has entered a new school and in their class the main goal for the year is- to be happy and over come their misfortune.

Some of the misfortunes are wacky and silly but it is fun to watch this cast  of girls deal with each situation.

Have you watched this series? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

First Impressions: Haven’t you heard? Im Sakamoto

A quirky anime about a cool and stylish student named Sakamoto who is the subject of resentment from his fellow male students and the crushes from his female peers (and some of his male ones). He handles every situation with grace and style, though many of the situations are a little silly from sword fighting with a Bee to battleing forces of nature.

The series consists of 13 episodes and is packed with zany fun in each one. Since being simulcasted starting in April I have come across many a posting across internet sites of funny moments. A little late to the game but I finally found this series and think it is def one to sit back and watch.

Have you watched  this one? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

~Ranma 1/2~ Don’t get wet!

Ranma 1/2 was the second series I was introduced to that was created by Rumiko Takahashi the first being “Inuyasha”. There are 38 volumes of manga, over 150 episodes of anime and even a few full-length films. I always thought this series was very comedic and silly but also had a few serious moments here and there that made you closer to the characters. Warning, however, there is lots of boobies all throughout the series, it is mainly about a boy who gets turned into a girl if he gets wet with cold water so…yeah he has no shame. 6_6

The story revolves around a boy named Ranma, who fell into a cursed spring along with his father on a training mission. The aftermath of them falling into the spring Ranma turns into a girl any time he is splashed with cold water, and his father turns into a large panda. They come to live with another family the Tendo’s who own a dojo. Ranma is betrothed to one of the three daughters, and it is decided the lucky girl is tough as nails Akane who seems to think Ranma is irritating and a clod. The hilarity ensues as multiple love triangles form, and each person has their own curses and past.

A large part of the plot is the various types of martial arts each person uses to fight with. Some of the moves are wacky but none the less interesting. Lots of rivalries occur between the characters, and the fights are always entertaining and fun. Check it out and let me know what you think about this series!


Originally a light novel series and manga, this series became a 25 episode anime in 2008.

The main male lead is Ryuji Takasu who is entering his second year of high school and worries about how he looks. He inherited his absent fathers gangish looks and so many are afraid of him. He has at least one friend Kitamura who realizes he isn’t scary at all. One of Kitamura’s friends Kushieda also seems to know he isn’t a delinquent and greets him warmly. It becomes very apparent that Ryuji has a uber crush on Kushieda. As his new school year starts he becomes quickly involved with the pint sized “palm-top tiger” Taiga Aisaka who has a crush on Kitamura and is close friends with Kushieda.

Ryuji and Taiga band together to assist the other one in gaining the attention of their respective crushes. Taiga is violent and has a short fuse and so many in the school fear her. Her and Ryuji even though they bicker a lot get along very well and seem to understand each other like many of the others can not.

I was a bit late coming into this series but have really enjoyed it. It’s very comedic and fun with seriousness and awkwardness sprinkled throughout.

What did you think of this series? Let me know in the comments! ^_^

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! (Welp I don’t even know….)

Sooo…I have watched many anime series in the “Magical Girl” genre and a few of the series are some of my favorite. While watching them I always thought to myself how things would go and look like if it were boys instead of girls. Well now I know and am not sure what I feel ha ha.

The first episode is out at this time on Crunchyroll and I have just watched it. It centers around 5 high school boys who meet a pink wombat looking alien that goes on and on about love and how they are the “Battle Lovers”. Where as in most Magical Girls anime once they have very little explanation they seem to easily accept their new roll and commence to use the new found power they suddenly possess. In this case however the boys are cynical and try to run from the alien. Once they are bestowed their new powers( against their will) it is comical and makes you think a little more about how in other series it seems now ridiculous. It is pretty interesting to see this genre in this form and is very funny and at times embarrassing for sure.

Im very interested to hear others opinions on this series. 🙂 So let me know what you think in the comments!

Gugure! Kokkuri-san.

Wow, so this series is brilliant just to let you know right away. 😀 It has been airing since Oct. and is ongoing for the moment. I have found myself laughing so often at this series it is quirky and silly in all the right ways.

It centers around an Elementary School girl who lives alone and is a self proclaimed “Doll”. Her name is Kohina and she is seemingly emotionless and lives off of instant noodles. One day she plays a game called “Kokkuri” where she calls a fox spirit who takes it upon himself to be her guardian and help her become more human and healthier (he takes away her noodles much of the time much to her dismay). Soon she finds herself the center of attention between the Fox spirit, a Vengeful dog spirit and a old man Tanuki. Each character is so funny and has their odd traits that even though very different from one another work so well as a whole.

Check this one out if you haven’t already! Let me know what you think of it and who your favorite character is! :3

~I can’t understand what my husband is saying~

This series of shorts consists of 13 episodes and is still coming out. It centers around a working woman named Kaoru and her Otaku husband Hajime. They are very different but love each other a lot. The show is mainly just random little snippets of their comedic lives and the other people in their lives including Kaoru’s super protective father and Hajime’s very feminine little brother. I think this show is very cute and funny, I defiantly see myself in Hajime’s spot as im sure much of the time no one knows what the hell im talking about. –_–

What do you think of this one?