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First Impressions “A Centaurs Worries”

Also known as “A Centaur’s Life”, is an anime that follows a group of friends in a world much like our own except for the fact that there are several different races in a broader sense. The races include: Angel folk, Demon Folk, Cat People, Centaurs, Mermaids and a few others. Each race has unique physical attributes but are all equal in the eyes of the government. The history of the world within the anime and manga is nearly identical to our own except that evolution changed and went a different route than in our world.

It is a “slice of life” anime that follows high school students in their everyday life and sometimes shows the world around them and political struggles. The center character as you might have guessed is a Centaur named Hime, along with her best friends a demon girl, a goat girl and a snake girl. They live fairly normal high school lives with friends, events, confessions and other things typical of teen girls.

I really enjoyed the manga as I have a interest in the “Monster Girl” genre to begin with but this series is makes it seem so normal while bringing up a lot of real world social issues that make it a gem among newer series for sure.

Have you watched this series or read the manga? Who is your favorite character or what is your favorite race? Let me know what you think in the comments!

First Impressions: KINMOZA!

Kin-iro Mosaic also known as Kinmoza! is one of my latest finds to watch. Right away the animation is super cute, and light hearted which is always nice to relax and watch. The story revolves mainly around two girls from different parts of the world who are brought together by their interest in the other one’s culture.

Shinobu Omiya is a happy energetic Japanese school girl who, while in junior high stayed at a homestay program to England where she met the adorable (much to Shino’s happiness, blond) girl, Alice Cartelet. Their first bit of time together is difficult for Alice because of the language barrier and her shyness. She quickly sees Shino’s charm and they become closer even if they can not understand each other very well. Their blooming friendship makes Alice fall in love with Japan and spurs her into learning the language and culture so that she can study in Japan to be with Shino.

Shino and Alice are surrounded by fun friends who all have their unique personality. They all seem to enjoy their school lives and enjoy each others friendship dearly. There is defiantly some shojo-ai in the mix that is comedic and sweet because of the jealousy and interests of some of the girls.

First impression is I love it! It is super cute and light! The artwork is fun and colorful, and there is just the right amount of silly >_<. If you like anime like this, check It out!

Have you watched this series before? What did you think about it? Are there any other series similar to this one you would suggest? Let me know about it in the comments!

~Strawberry Panic!~

Written by Sakurako Kimino is a series of short stories that has been turned into a manga and light novels along with an anime series in 2006. This series is under the Shojo Ai genre meaning it involves girl’s love themes. I find the art work for the series beautiful and elegant. The uniforms the girls wear a designed well compliment the surroundings.

The story follows several girls in an all girls school who have various relationships with one another. The main character you follow is Nagisa Aoi who has transferred to the school and right away catches the Etoile (the schools star basicly) Shizuma Hanazono. Nagisa is also the thing of her roomates affections as well though much of the time Nagisa seems fairly oblivious or her attention is else where. There are several love triangles throughout the series involving girls from the three schools on Astrea hill. There are sad pasts and struggles for love and confidence, it makes the series very interesting.

This is most likely my favorite Shojo Ai/Yuri series because of the art. What did you think of this series? Haven’t watched it? Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.