The Weird

The good, the bad and the weird? There are many things that I find from overseas that strike me as either very odd or just…wtf? O_O I’ll share those moments and products here with you, so you too can feel uncomfortable. 😀


~Trying Mexican Candy pt.2~ - Oh man the candy we consumed were not at all good. Our tummys were upset for a few hours after trying all these >_<
Trying Mexican Candy >0< - Me and my daughter decided to branch away from the mostly Asian candy and snacks we try and let’s just say it was an experience. It is so interesting to me the different cultures and what tastes are normal and good to them. 90% of the things we tried were neither normal or good to […]
Interesting Fashion Japan - Japan has a lot of interesting things and some of the modern fashion is definitely up there on the Weird list. I find some of the fashion trends cool and some others…a little questionable but hey it’s all an art in a way. Ganguro is a trend that has been around for about two decades […]
Watermelons in Japan - You see a lot of watermelons in Japanese anime.  The characters are usually eating them at the beach and playing a game called “Suikawari” or “watermelon smashing game”. To play, the goal is to smash the watermelon with a stick while blindfolded.  It’s a fun summer game similar to piñata smashing.  The best part is […]
The weirdness of Japan 0_0 - Oh Japan, how I love thee with your wonderfully beautiful culture and interesting history. You are unique in many ways but a very noticeable way is the odd things that are in your modern culture whether it be fashion or merchandise that makes you go “Whaaa…?!” I get a kick out of finding weird things from […]

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